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A great Star Wars game that could have been much better.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II The Sith Lords is a game that sounds great on paper, and could be interpreted into a very great game, if done right, and done expertly. Unfortunately, this is not the case. The game is plagued with segments full of boring fetch quests, meh environments, and horrible glitches. When these are not happening, the game is superb. And as you can tell from my score, the positive moments outnumber the negative moments, but not to the point where the game could be a classic.

You start by making your character up, by choosing their look, and choosing what skills to equip them with, which would level up over time. This is where most of the customization comes in, and there are hundreds of possibilities. You choose their feats, skills, and powers, and it is very overwhelming. After that, you start the game. It starts linear, with you going from point A to point B killing robots, and making friends (or enemies). You see, the way you talk to people, through the conversation trees affects everyone, and also affects your light/dark meter. After the first level, you go to different planets, which are open to explore, and help with the people's problems with the government and order. Later, the game picks up with the main plot, and you'll fight many sith as you go against the big nemesis.

You can pick up new weapons and armor, and customize them. As you meet people, you learn their back stories - which are sort of interesting depending on your interest in the character. You shape up the back story of your self, too, making this one of the most repayable games to date. You might want to play a light side campaign and a dark side campaign at the same time, and you'll get very different experiences.

The fighting is real time. You choose your attack, and press A to perform it. Your 2 teammates will do their attack by themselves, but you can switch to them at anytime time and choose their action by yourself. If the real time decisions are too overbearing, you can pause the game, and input the actions without worrying about the enemy hitting you. You can also change their weapons. Some enemy encounters could be overly hard, with you being outnumbered 15 to one. These are frustrating and lower the framerate very much. They even could disrupt the sound, and cause other glitches. The battles are pretty cool when they work, however, because the sword fighting is awesomely choreographed and entertaining.

As you defeat enemies and complete quests, you gain levels, and new abilities. You can save pretty much anywhere, which makes the game easier. You'll want to save alot, too because the glitches could make the game unplayable. So make sure you back up your save. The graphics probably could have been better, but the glitches and poor framerate bog it down. The sound is pretty cool. You have all your basic music and sound effects, and hours of dialogue. All the dialogue is well done and impressive.

Overall, if the developers made the side quests more interesting, the combat fairer, and destroyed all the glitches, this could have been a very superb game. It is still very good though - just don't expect the best RPG ever. Who know? You might be surprised.

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