Dumb Question about Romance(SPOILER ALERT!)

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I've recently decided to revisit this all-time favorite RPG of mine.
Maybe It's because I thought I've already beated it 6 times and did'nt realize that's four years ago , I was a little too confident of my memory and my in-game decision. I wanted to make this play through as streamlined as possible in order to save time, so I pushed foward the main storyline as long as my crew had nothing new to say on Ebon Hawk, which now I know is a bad move since Bastila's romance seems to need some "idle" time to trigger a private-moment scene. It was not until my seperation with Bstila after the Leviathan level, I started to remember that I always had a private moment with her when she was the love-interest in my previous play throughs. My question is, can I still get a good ending with Bastila with a warrior-type charater that lacks persuasion skill in current situation? Or do I have to start a new game to rework on her romance if I don't want to kill her?

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