Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

    Game » consists of 14 releases. Released Jul 15, 2003

    Taking place in the Old Republic era of Star Wars, around 4000 years before the events of the films, Knights of the Old Republic is a third-person turn-based RPG where players travel the galaxy as a mysterious Republic soldier, racing against time to thwart a massive Sith fleet.

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    The Force is Strong With this One 0

    Knights of the Old Republic is an exciting romp through the Star Wars universe, with a fun combat system, a memorable story, and always something to do. It does have a few downfalls, however, which can be attributed to the genre more than anything else. But now that KOTOR wears the 20 dollar price tag, these annoyances can be overlooked to find a game that still holds up. The first four or five hours of the game are a little slow. While I won’t spoil any of the plot for people who have not pla...

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    One of the greats 0

    When Knights of the Old Republic was announced, it was like a dream come true for Star Wars fans AND RPG fans. The combination of the best North American RPG developer in Bioware and the Star Wars franchise seemed to good to be true. And the final product is not just good, but great. KOTOR is a dreamlike middle way mix of a typical american RPG like Bioware's own Baldur's Gate series and a japanese RPG like Final Fantasy, at least that's the way I see it. It has a streamlined, more personal a...

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    Why Weren't the Prequels This Good? 0

    Originally posted on my blogLucasarts knows one thing is constant about its fanbase: they will consume just about any piece of Star Wars-related media that they throw out there and that attention to detail is commonly expressed through the many mediocre video games that the company puts out. While the series has actually enjoyed a number of stellar titles, the prequel video game blitz had been taking its toll on consumers as the property was overexposed and not with a bevy of AAA titles. Enter B...

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    Star Wars Kotor 0

    STAR WARS games during the Xbox/PS2/GC era were for the most part very mediocre, and were starting to have a bit of a stigma attached to them. Having been disappointed previously with Obi Wan, Bounty Hunter, Clone Wars, and Racer Revenge I was still slightly skeptical that even Kotor would live up to the hype surrounding it, a great STAR WARS video game was just too good to be true. After picking the game up on release I played the first 3 hours, wondering why all the reviews were so good being ...

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    Followers of the Force, Take Notice 0

      BioWare's Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is probably one of, if not the best Star Wars video game ever made.  It manages to capture that classic Star Wars feel that everyone knows and loves better than even George Lucas has with his prequels.  Knights of the Old Republic (KotOR for short) has everything you could want in a great RPG: an involving, epic story (with a twist!), characters you could actually imagine yourself befriending in real life, great art direction, character customiz...

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    If you hate Star Wars, no matter. You'll still love this game 0

    The very first RPG I ever played. And goddamn, couldn't have started off on a better foot. This is sorta like deciding to watch your very first superhero movie and picking The Dark Knight. Everything that comes after just seems like a letdown. That's kinda how I feel about KOTOR. And you've gotta know this about me, I fucking hate Star Wars. Never been fond of it. But this game... this story just sucked me in and never let go. I absolutely had to keep playing to find out what was going to happen...

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    A Masterpiece of a Game 0

    Knights of the Old Republic takes everything from all the good RPG's and combines them together to get an all around great game. The gameplay is a mix of turnbase / real time fighting. You get what you'd expect from a Star Wars game with the sound. The graphics are the normal graphics for an Xbox, nothing that mind blowing. First off, the gameplay. I'm not a fan of Turnbase fighting. Not at all. But there are those games that are so good that you learn to love the turnbase action. This game is ...

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    Finally a good Star Wars game. 0

    So what is this? The 100th Star Wars game to be released since the 80’s? Well, it’s probably somewhere near that figure and not many of them can truly be described as impressive to say the least. There have however, been a select few that have not only furthered the advancement of the Star Wars series and helped them recover life in the video game industry but also given a much needed push to the video game business as a whole. If there’s one thing that can be said for SW games though, it’s that...

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    A fantstic RPG that stays true to the Star Wars mythology. 0

    I've just finished my second trip through the KotOR game. The first time I played it as male (light side) and the second time as female (dark side). I spent about 50 hours per character. But, I went on every little side quest I could find (and played a lot of Pazak!).I found it easier when I went to the dark side, though the believability of the game suffers when you play the dark side. I'm swindling people out of money, murdering innocents, ruining lives, etc. All the while, Bastila just watche...

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    Such An Amazing RPG 0

    I played this game for over what seems like 50 or more hours. This is Bioware's finest game in my opinion. It had a great story with an amazing plot twist *wink*. Coupled with great dialogue trees and amazing gameplay, this makes up to be a very fine RPG. The only problem with this game was that the graphics were a little sub-par for the xbox. I don't know about the PC, but they definately could've been better. If anybody out there is lucky enough to find this game, Buy it immediately! 5 out of ...

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    Very admirable effort by Bioware 0

    KotOR is a very admirable effort by Bioware, renowned for its excellent Baldur's Gate fantasy role-playing series, to bring its expertise to the Star Wars universe. Overall, the effort pays off handsomely, and I would rank this game as the best use of the Star Wars license, with the exception of Jedi Outcast. It has a suitably epic story, Bioware's typically high-quality character development, and easy-to-learn and enjoyable gameplay. There are a few problems with KotOR, but in general, it is we...

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    Darth Malak Would be Jealous 0

    So Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is in my top 5 best games of all time and will most likely stay there for a while. I played this game to death back in 2003 and I play it to death now in 2012. So yes, this review is a little late but I'm lazy and am just starting to care about writing as of now so there you have it.Friendly reminder, this game was made in 2003. So the graphics are dated but this review is late so I can't complain. KotOR is by far a great RPG and one of Bioware's finest c...

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    Knights of the Old Republic 0

    There haven't been a lot of Star Wars games that have been good, apart from perhaps anything involving Kyle Katarn.  There was Empires At War which I'll still go back and play every so often because it's still one of my favourite real time strategies despite it's pretty crap graphics, and of course the original Rogue Squadron on PC, but that was merely only because you never got much further than the standard "shoot badguys get top score", which was fun. There was of course Force Unleashed as we...

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    Kotor 0


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    Among the Most Interesting Story-Driven Games 0

    Game:   Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic    Overview:   Even among RPGs, and in particular Bioware (famous for making RPGs) RPGs, this game stands out. It is among the most interesting story-driven games that I have ever played, and I have played some in my time. Although not really the same genre of games, this game stands right beside the most popular games in the Legend of Zelda series. With a deep plot and detailed setting, it is perhaps the most memorable game I have seen. Being that ...

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    Wow 0

    This was a tremendous game from the moment i picked it up. it was extremely fun and was as exciting and as long as you wanted to make it. The choices between the light side and dark side were a great addition to an already good game.  The many possible routes you could make the game go added many extra replays in order to see how a decision would effect the progress of the game. This game also laid the ground work for games like mass effect. This title is my second favorite Role Playing Game of ...

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    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 0

    This is a truly phenomenal game, the sort which drives you to continue playing until the early hours of the morning when your eyes are red and you're on the verge of heart failure. As an enduring fan of the original Star Wars franchise, this proved to be a breath of fresh air.This was also my first venture into the world of role-playing games. I have deeply-entrenched action game sensibilities - I enjoy the immediacy and control of a proficient action title. This made KOTOR frustrating to begin ...

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    Best RPG Of All Time...ALL TIME! 0

    I've played many games throughout my life. Many many games. No game has captivated me, immersed me, stimulated me, emotionally effected me, and impressed me like this game has. An old game, from 2003, it may be, but its graphics still hold up fairly well for today's standards. The character's voice acting is second to none--it's amazing. The story is epic as it is emotionally enthralling, riddled with twists, turns, and emotional moments. The control is fluent, performance is great, and the visu...

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    An excellent Star Wars RPG 0

    Knights of the Old Republic, made by Bioware, really is a classic that still stands the test of time. While it still is a classic title, it is not for everybody by any stretch of the imagination. The menus are clunky, and stat growth and battle system is not terribly well explained in the beginning, and the introduction doesn't give a very good glimpse into the rest of the game. But if you prevail past the crappy UI and D&D style battle system, you have yourself a fascinating and deep game t...

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    One of the best RPGs of all time. 1

    Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is a RPG based on the expanded universe of Star Wars. The game follows the story of a soldier who knows next to nothing about his/her past other than fighting for the Republic. The game opens with your ship being under attack by Sith Soldiers who are under the command of the game's antagonist, Darth Malak. As you continue on your adventure, you meet up with an interesting cast of characters that are willing to accompany you on your path towards finding out ...

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    Review of the greatest RPG ever 0

    Well, what can I say? From the first time I played this game I immediately fell in love with it. The whole story concept is perfectly pitched, the incidental music is fabulous and the overall game play is just out of this world.I love the fact that You control your own destiny - to be good or evil. The relationship with the main characters is also a major treat. The emotional love story between Revan and Bastila is just a fantastic part of the actual story. I like the way their relationship just...

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    Review: Play it, meatbag! 0

    With the impending release of "Star Wars: The Old Republic" fast approaching, I decided to go back and play through a game I had touched on, but never completed when it originally came out. Now, more than 8 years after its release how does the original XBOX release of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic hold up?Surprisingly well as it turns out.Star Wars: KOTOR is a D20 based RPG set in the Star Wars expanded universe several thousand years before the movies that swept the world take place. T...

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