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Set during the original star wars trilogy, released for windows 95 and retailing at $39.99, Star Wars: Millennium Falcon CD-ROM Playset is an interactive FMV/toy hybrid.


This guy will be giving the mission briefings.
This guy will be giving the mission briefings.

The objective of the game (as told by the rebel commander) is for the player to find the three parts of the death star plans that are hiding among six different planets (and the death star). Across all of the planets there are twenty different "missions" in which the player may possibly find a part of the plans.

  • Cloud City Shoot-Out
  • Lightsaber Duel
  • Cloud Car Battle
  • Cloud City Rescue
  • Carbon Freezing Chamber
No Caption Provided
  • Yoda's Swamp
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Death Star
  • Detention Block
  • Waste Disposals
  • Throne Room
  • Death Star Trench Run
No Caption Provided
  • Space Battle
No Caption Provided
  • Wampa Cave
  • North Ridge
  • Frozen Plains
No Caption Provided
  • Jabba's Palace
  • Pit Of Carkoon
  • Mos Eisley Cantina
  • The Dune Sea
  • Lars Homestead
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Yavin IV
  • Rebel Command
  • Remote Practice
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Each "mission" contains scenes from the movies which will repeat until the player completes either a quicktime event or a minigame. In each mission the player will acquire either an inventory item (a useless picture) or a part of the death star plans.

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After finding all three parts of the death star plans the player will be given a final mission to make a trench run on the death star. After the final mission the death star is destroyed and the player is rewarded with the title "Jedi Master".


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