Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Nov 30, 1995

    Rebel Assault II puts you in the flight suit of Rookie 1 as he assists the Rebel Alliance in uncovering information about a new TIE-Fighter prototype being tested by the Empire.

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    Although the PC and PSX versions differed slightly, the game gave Star Wars fans an on-the-rails shooter with wonderfully horrible acting that can only be bested by the Command and Conquer series.

    In the PC version you use the Joystick or mouse controls to aim the cross hairs to your target and fire. Many battles had you move the joystick to a direction to avoid hitting an asteroid or a wall. The full-motion videos were of excellent quality for the time and it gave a nice side story for people who just wanted more Star Wars.

    The game is fairly short, but the inconsistent difficulty of the levels adds length to playtime. This 3rd level is one of the hardest levels; in it, Rookie One pilots a cargo ship that looks strikingly like the Millennium Falcon through incredibly narrow caverns. However, the second to last level is possibly the easiest level in the game where the TIE fighters seem to hesitate firing on you until you have had ample time to blow them up.

    The PSX version was noticeably different from the PC version. The PSX controls were more in a Dragon's Lair style. During shoot-outs where you have to take cover and shoot Stormtroopers. You only had to hit left or right to immediately aim at the next opponent in the PSX version. In the PC version you had to move the joystick to just the right spot. The 3rd-Person vehicle sections were also modified. Since your ship is rather big, it can be hard to hit an enemy that just appeared. However, you could avoid blasts on the PSX whereas in the PC version, if you didn't hit them, they scored an automatic hit when they flew past you (and sometimes shot you before flying past you).


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