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"Could Red Five be standing by for an assault on the Death Star Wii? The latest issue of EGM contains a rumor that LucasArts has licensed out its Rogue Squadron games – the orignal N64 title plus Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike for GCN – to an unnamed publisher that is updating their visuals and control schemes for Wii as we speak.

The rumor also goes that all three games will be released together as a compilation. With Nintendo's recent announcement of the "Play on Wii" series of waggle-infused GCN remakes, added to the fact that the series was a console-exclusive for the company, we have to wonder if the mystery publisher might be the Big N itself."

Source: Joystiq
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I don't want this game on a console that it doesn't belong on. I would rather see a beautiful looking Rogue Squadron game than X-Wings with waggle.

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