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What could have been...

Wow, so this game is finally here.For about a year and a half I've been eagerly anticipating this game, checking out every screenshot or video I could get a hold of.Well, like I said, this game is finally here, and could it be more disappointing?First of all the camera is abysmal, almost as bad as the camera in Ninja Gaiden.The camera isn't 'so' bad during regular combat, but during boss fights the camera is so bad it made me want to rip the game out of my disk tray and break the damn thing in half!The combat in the boss fights are extremely repetitive, all you do is hit the boss with the lightsaber, then force grab and throw, then repeat.The combat is nothing different.It's incredibly tedious and get's really annoying after a while.

Force Unleashed has no shortage of frame rate drops either.I your in a big fight and you want to use Force Repulse or something, then get ready for a frame rate drop!The graphics are nothing more than fair.They look kinda like a late PS2 game.Now that doesn't go for the cut-scenes.They look beautiful.From little dirt on Starkiller's face, to your hair just moving around when you run.The level design graphics are pretty great to.There's a wide variety of levels and only a few are the same.The tagline was "May the force blow your mind" and it didn't blow my mind but it still put's on a good showing.The lightning looks beautiful, especially during the button prompt sequences.

That was a great transition to my next thing to talk about, the button prompt sequences.They get really annoying(like nearly every other expect in the game).Doing the same thing after every boss fight is really uninteresting.Why did they even do that?Who thought that'd it would be a good idea to press the same buttons over and over again after every mini boss fight?I mean seeing the lightning for the first time is great and the second time is still pretty cool, but after that it's just repetitive.(If you've noticed, I've said repetitive many times in this review.I just can't think of many more words to describe this garbage

Now I just have to talk about the best things in this game;the voice acting and the brilliant story.They developers did do some things right.They made the story amazing and really got me hooked on the characters and when something happened to them;I actually cared.Darth Vader's voice work is great.Pretty much all the voice work is great.Emperor Palpatine is looks and sounds absolutely stunning.
Single Player:3 Stars


Re-play value:This game surprisingly has some re-play value.Really if you want to be an achievement whore or want to play through the story again or maybe you want to grab all the lightsaber crystals.It can actually have some re-play value but to most normal people you'll put this down after the first playthrough.
Re-play value:2 stars

End It!All-in-all this game is a rent to Star Wars fans just to see the great story unfold before your eyes but other than that this game makes me wonder, who the hell was the testers for this game?I'd recommend they be fired.
Final Score:2 stars

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