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Great Game, But Lacks In Technicality.

I have to admit. When I first heard about a new Star Wars game being developed, it didn’t really catch my attention. But the more I heard about it and especially after watching the “story trailer” I got suck into the hype, so I decided to see what happened between the lackluster Episode III and the classic Episode IV.

My first impression of the game was much unexpected.   The story is fantastic.   ANY fan that has followed the Star Wars franchise should definitely check this game out.   With the help of the great cinematic events and the perfect voiceovers, the presentation of Star Wars is the best it has ever been.   With so much praise for the good of the story, the game play definitely brings this game down.   The tedious camera, awkward glitches, difficulty of enemies, and basically the same god of war style finishes for EVERY boss eventually begins to sink into your emotions of anger.

For the sake of your eyes:

  • Presentation:   This is pretty much the best part of this game.   It is like watching a Star Wars movie (Episodes IV-VI) with long levels of gameplay as the intermission.
  • Graphics:   The graphics really caught me off guard.  You can see Starkiller’s face emotions come to life and the cinematic events are enough to become an animated movie within itself.  It is definitely not lacking in this department.
  • Sound:   The same Star Wars music you expect to be in a Star Wars product. Lightsabers’ sounds were convincing. I did not experience any sound glitches where the sound cut off.    Very talented voiceovers.
  • Gameplay:   The weakest element in this game. Not to say it is unplayable, because the concept of the gameplay is astounding.   The execution of the concept is what failed. However, there are lots of combos, force powers are sweet along with the euphoria engine, the ability to power up Starkiller as you progress, and the ability to own every single person in the galaxy is just awesome
  • Lasting Appeal:   There are costumes you can unlock, higher difficulties to unlock, lightsaber colors to unlock, and force powers to unlock and master to keep you busy.   Too bad they can all be unlocked by inputting a code.   However, there are two endings in which you can see what happens if you turn out to be a good jedi or a bad jedi.

Last WORD! Yo. : I enjoyed my experience with this game.  There were mostly positive moments than negative moments.   But I mostly enjoyed the story overall.   If you’re a big Star Wars guy (or gal) then I recommend you buy this game.   If not, then definitely rent this game for it will not disappoint. I believe most editorial review scores were a bit too low.   If I were to give this game a number score. I’d give it a 7. And an A for effort.

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