Anyone got any trials to send?

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I really wanted to try this game, I heard that there was a free weekend this week so I signed up yesterday and downloaded the game overnight. However, now that I've downloaded the client, it says that my trial time has expires =S (really weird). Has anyone got any 7-day trial to spare? I read that all active subscribers do.

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Even though I hate begging... I would appreciate one as well.

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I think the trial was just a one-weeker if I'm not mistaken.

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I'll need name (first and last) and email address for the 7 days' trial. Send me in a pm please. I can only send three invites by the way.

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I have no more invites left. Sorry guys!

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I've got a 7-day invite available if anyone wants it.

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Please Pm me for trials, I have not used any of mine yet. Please pm first, last name and email

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batalskar i sent you a PM. im looking for a trial offer if anyone would be so kind. I played in the weekend trial and i really like the game and want to buy but cant afford for a few more weeks. So im jonesing to start a new account and play another trial to try the other classes out. I did Jedi Knight/sentinel and Sith Warrior/juggernaut. im hoping to try out bounty hunter and smuggler

EDIT, i have a trial now so thank you to everyone

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