I am in a Catch 22 with Old Republic's "Free to Play".

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I should have made this awhile ago for people to laugh at however since TOR keeps telling me to play as they hold my 100 cartel points until Jan 7th, reminded there is a time limit for this funny little thing. I realised something, I would need to Pay to play F2P.

Skip to the bottom if you dont care for the story*

Ok this is the thing, I bought and played TOR this time last year and subbed for another month, and then stopped. Mid June I resubbed and got stuck in it for 40 odd hours, before my nets went down for 2 weeks and lost my last 2 weeks of play and never resubbed as F2P was announced. During this second subbing I used the security key App and this is important.

So F2P comes, I look at the LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG list of limitations I am not allowed in the F2P program and I went "FUCK THAT!"

Before F2P I wanted to Log into my account I couldnt since I needed the Security App, So I got it again, except...the security app needs an security code...INSIDE my account....but I cannot get to my account untill I get this security App to unlock it....

Basicly I have locked my keys inside.


So I gave up, untill somthing dawned on me. "IF!" I did want to REALY REALY REEEEEEAAALY play TOR F2P I would need to Pay.

Since at the bottom of the list on that LOOOOOOOOOONG list of restrictions. Is "Full Access to Customer Service" If I paid!

I only get Web suppot on free and as I have had to do this before in January on my second month, I was flat out told "the only way is to talk to a customer service advisor on the phone." Then spent too long getting the right number as I am UK and could only find American numbers.

Pretty fucked up and to this day I go Fuck TOR's F2P. its pretty bad, I played Star Trek Online to lvl 50 and it got £20 out of me some how. TOR wants people to pay like its the old Subscriptions and its not getting a penny from me. If they could get money out of me who dosnt really have it...then they would be doing something right. Think about people who do have money! they should be giving it freerer and higher amounts!

Still cant be-leave the paradox

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I guess they overlooked this when they transitioned to free-to-play. It's not like this gives them an excuse though, I've read quite a handful of complaints about TWR's F2P system, but LOTRO transitioned from subbed to free and it was a much smoother ride.

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yeah, I had earned tons of cartel points for being a long time subscriber. Figured they would just credit my account but they want me to resubscribe to get the cartel points i've already earned. So it left me not wanting to play the game instead by holding my cartel coins hostage.

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You don't need to sub to be able to call customer service. At least I didn't. They'll remove your key.

Can't argue with the rest though. Someone up in EA HQ is pounding their desk furiously, saying "The subscription model will still work, damn it! It works for WoW!" Or more likely, it wasn't built with F2P in mind, and they can't come up with enough subscriber incentives instead of F2P penalties. 5 Warzones and 3 space missions a week is fucked. One example of many.

To be fair, I do like the idea of being able to slog through the story missions at my own pace, instead of worrying about how much "value" I'm getting out of this month's sub. And I still really would like to play through all eight storylines. But they need a way to level alts using only class missions, and that hasn't happened yet. I'll be damned if I'm fighting rakghouls on Taris ever again.

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I'm in the same place, basically. I wanted to try to reactivate my account.... but I uninstalled the app a while ago, so I can't get in my account.

I know all I need to do is call, but for a game I'm not really that excited about, it's a pretty effective barrier.

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SWTOR is fine up until the servers get very heavy and then its the laggiest MMO I've ever played, granted if I was actually paying for it I'd have a multitude of other criticisms but for free its alright.

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@SamDrugbringer: I may have decided to give it a spin myself if this convoluted way of doing things wasnt in place, I may have trucked on to finish 1 story under F2P.

I may have dropped some cash on it (unlikely) however I am just now not going to bother, the games F2P is abysmal and if I can phone and get it unlocked....I would need to hang on the phone for 3 hours AGAIN!! and I am UK their numbers are still American based.

So to unlock my account F2P I have to either pay for subcription to be allowed to phone them and then still be charged for the phone call.

Or be charged for the phone call to unlock my F2P account.

ITS STILL NOT F2P!! even for a shit F2P model.

I even stood up for it in the past.

I am on a EA Boycotte anyway this just further reinforces that me and EA dont get along at all.

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I started downloading it this morning after being conflicted on whether or not I really want to play it. And I kind of do. Never played an MMO before and I feel like I should...

...but all of those restrictions? Can you really get through the game without doing many sidequests?

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While PvP in WoW has been stale and boring and CC based for quite some time they somehow managed to make SWTOR worse and feel even less dynamic and interesting and more CC based, I do think the Warzones themselves are alright they're just placed in the framework of a terrible PvP game and from what I've seen the percentage of actually skilled pvp players is even lower than WoW and one of the lowest in any MMO ever, such is the lack of interest from competent people. The tedium enforced by no auto attack and no macros doesn't exactly help the issue. That said the storyline is okay; but that's not nearly enough to carry an MMO.

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@Akyho: Where's the hell my parachute?

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Was thinking about giving SWTOR another bash, but reading that list of restrictions... seriously talk about how not to transfer properly to F2P.

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I'm going to level with you: I didn't read the OP. It was too long and I didn't really care. However, I will tell you that as far as F2P is concerned, LOTRO is a vastly superior game to SWTOR.

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My security key app locked me out too. I e-mailed them and they said I needed to call customer support. But personally, I never cared to try because TOR absolutely sucks. I'd be surprised to see it live through 2013.

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@jdh5153 said:

My security key app locked me out too. I e-mailed them and they said I needed to call customer support. But personally, I never cared to try because TOR absolutely sucks. I'd be surprised to see it live through 2013.

I've heard people say that it doesn't need to make that much money to be worth continuing. But then I still remember people scoffing at the idea of it going F2P at any point in the near future, so I dunno.

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