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Looks like we're getting:

  • Group Finder
  • Server Transfer
  • Second wave of Legacy perks (XP boosts, etc.)
  • Social gear that adapts to your armor type
  • Add augment slots to existing gear

...And hopefully Ranked Warzones, but they haven't talked about that at all, which makes me nervous.

Group Finder and especially Server Transfers will be pretty great. Hopefully being able to move to high pop servers will revitalize the game somewhat, and Group Finder should bring more people into the group content, which will be nice. The perks look mostly not great, but I was surprised by the XP boost numbers. They look fairly affordable (the highest level was only 100k) and it looks like you can stack a pretty significant amount of boost (30%). I'd love to be able to level a character purely off PVP and Flashpoint XP!

Unfortunately, no new content in this one, but hopefully that means it's coming out soon.

What do you guys think? Too little, too late, or solid upgrades?

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Im still hoping for Dual Spec, me and my friends are going to play it soon but because of the holy trinity (tank, DPS and healer) it makes it a lot harder for the healer, and perhaps the tank, to play the story missions solo. At least it would probably be more fun if the healer could swap into a DPS role in quests.

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@Mageknight: The Perks are probably so cheap because it's character specific, and not legacy specific like the older patch details.

Honestly, I'm glad these things are coming into the game, but there's not much in here for me. The Group Finder will make Flashpoints easier and might mean I get to play them at the right level and I'll probably boost some of my levelling XP some way, but I enjoy the story, so it's not liked I'd be skipping missions or anything just because I levelled slightly quicker.

Server Transfers will certainly help server populations, but it won't fix the problem. A problem that only exists because of the servers they opened up day 1. It's not a lack of population in the game, it's the fact that it's spread SO thing when the queues were so widespread in the beginning, they need to look into merging and deleting servers, rather than transfers. Would be interested to see how a transfer effects Legacy too.

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#4 Posted by SomeJerk (4077 posts) -

Transfers are but a Mickey Mouse band-aid on the sucking chest-wound that is server populations and faction imbalances.

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#5 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

It is kind of too little too late.

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#6 Posted by SpartanAmbrose (842 posts) -

@EXTomar said:

It is kind of too little too late.

Agreed. I stopped playing months ago. The only thing that could pull me back in at this point would be for the game to go free to play.

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#7 Posted by BonOrbitz (2475 posts) -

May I please have my real KOTOR III now?

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@EXTomar: This. I really don't know how EA thought they compete with the other big MMORPGs with such a relatively old game mechanics/concept.

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#10 Posted by EXTomar (5047 posts) -

I mean SWTOR, the Legacy System is good stuff but it isn't enough to carry the game. And I wonder how Legacy is going to work with Server Transfer. And a Group Finder tool is effect only if the pool to pull players out of is huge where on low pop servers it isn't going to help.

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The servers need a merging, character transfers won't do anything worthwhile other than killing off servers while people find refuge in higher populated servers. Group finder was a good idea at launch but at this point if there is no one playing on your server then it's not really going to work out well. I like SWTOR but it's looking like it's hard to stop the bleeding.

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@familyphotoshoot said:

@EXTomar said:

It is kind of too little too late.

Pretty much this. Go look at the server statistics. Almost every single server is light. The game is basically dead.

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Edit: Oh look, BioWare have just laid off a bunch of people who work on TOR. Rumors have the total number released around 200.

Game still has around 1.4 million subscriptions. Totally dead. They just have way too many servers.

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@CL60: How many of those subscribers are active players and how many are accounts that aren't going to get renewed? If this game isn't free to play by the end of the year I will Paypal you $5.

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I love the shit out of The Old Republic. However, my server went virtually dead right before 1.2 patch got released. They needed to do server mergers and allow server transfers way earlier, like the end of March or so. I get the feeling they just don't want to admit that the game isn't going to have a consistent player base of 1m people, so they wanted to buy into the illusion that it could happen.

Nonetheless, I cancelled my subscription last week with the release of Diablo III. Sorry, Bioware. I loved the time I spent with your game and thought the raids were pretty damn cool. Unfortunately, you just took too long on some basic necessities.

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#15 Posted by connerthekewlkid (1873 posts) -

ill probably reup once this hits since my server is kinda unhelpful

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#16 Posted by Drebin_893 (3176 posts) -

@CL60: @familyphotoshoot:

I think you should take that bet, CL60.

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