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    Star Wars: X-Wing - B-Wing

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released 1993

    This expansion to the Lucas Arts' original X-wing game gives players a new campaign featuring the powerful B-wing assault fighter.

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    This expansion gives the player a new starfighter, the B-wing, as well as a new campaign, six new historical missions, and the ability to fly the new fighter through the Pilot Proving Ground. The in-game ship database is updated to include the new craft. 
    Compared to the stock fighters available in the game, the B-wing stacks up quite favorably. Its speed and agility is between that of the X-wing and Y-wing. Further, it's shields are stronger than the Y-wing's well-respected defenses, and firepower is improved. Disadvantages include the B-wings large silhouette, making it easier to attract Imperial fire, and an odd laser configuration that will take players some time to get used to. The B-wing's comparatively heavy armament consists of three standard laser cannon, three ion cannon, and a massive load of twelve proton torpedoes. 
    These capabilities are put to the test in the campaign's challenging missions. Instead of being matched against equivalent Imperial craft such as starfighters, the B-wing campaign tasks players with destroying much larger prey. The B-wing is designed to fight frigates, and players will have ample opportunity to do so in this campaign. Imperial capital ships are in no short supply, and they are constantly thrown at the Rebel fleet. The story of the campaign describes the Rebel Alliance's efforts to evade the massive Imperial fleet as it tries find a new home base, culminating in their arrival at Hoth.
    Further, six historical missions, detailing the origins, development, and initial deployment of the B-wing are available for the player to fly non-sequentially. 
    A new medals case is provided to display the awards that this expansion allows the player to earn.


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