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Yoda Stories centers around Luke Skywalker's time on Dagobah in between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. The gameplay consists mainly of puzzles and quests such as errands and item retrieval, although there is a combat element as well. There is some persistence between playthroughs; as such, the player is given motivation to complete the game multiple times.

The player controls Luke, who must solve puzzles to progress within a world. Luke begins his journey with only a lightsaber, but can come across blasters and medical kits. Luke must learn how to use The Force within each world all over again by meeting Uncle Ben.

It should be noted that the size of the world maps could be chosen at the player's convenience at the beginning of a game, and they were generated randomly in different environments. Nevertheless, the beginning and ending sequences were always the same. The game begins with Luke arriving at Dagobah in his X-Wing and meeting Yoda (also coming across R2D2 if the player hasn't completed a certain number of games). The ending was a confrontation with Darth Vader. After 15 playthroughs, the player obtained a green lightsaber for all successive games.


Yoda Stories was released for Windows and Game Boy Color. However, the GBC version was plagued by lackluster controls and graphics and repetitive gameplay, and was critically panned.

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