Ending and your thoughts on story mode?

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Wondering how people liked it? I liked it for most part im glad final game is finally protoss since they have hardly been in last two compared to humans and zerg. The story is amusing i dont take it that seriously.

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I liked it. There weren't a lot of shining moments that stand out to me except for the fight between Kerrigan and Nurad. That was a damn good cinematic. I was kind of annoyed that they retconned a good chunk of zerg history to make the story work.Overall it still kept me interested in seeing what would happen next, so I guess they accomplished that much with the story. Mission-wise I found the mission where you have to defend Kerrigan on zerus to be the most engaging. Nothing special in the gameplay for that one, but that music track is damn good. My biggest complaint is that it is a fairly easy campaign even on brutal, but that might just be because of previous multiplayer experience I guess.

I'm really looking forward to the protoss campaign since I've been a toss player since the original starcraft. I'm not sure if I really like where the story is going though. It all seems so routine at this point.

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i mean- i thought the overall story was entirely forgettable in most respects. on that note, i don't think the ending was particularly poor (or good for that matter)- it was in step with the rest of the narrative...phoned-in. but don't get me wrong- i had a great time with the story mode, and will be there on day 1 for the protoss campaign. if anything, the ALLSTORY MEGA BATTLE they're gearing up for should make for a really fun final mission.

i wonder what protoss characters we'll see in addition to zeratul. fenix is dead, maybe a ghosty tassadar? did judicator aldaris die? i'd love to see him pop in just to be a malcontent again. artanis maybe? it's a bummer the only character-development they've done thus far for the protoss has been zeratul (talking sc2 era here), and zeratul's been super boring...he's just the embodiment of the overarching conflict who shows up whenever they need to tie it all together. i liked him better when he was rogue protoss guy.

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I loved it. I am right on board with the Blizzard level of cheese and am not so invested in the lore to notice any discrepancies. The game was great, the CG was great, everything was great. Top 10 for me this year, no doubt.

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I hated it because it was so frivolous and forgettable. I couldn't get invested in anything that was going on in the campaign, and I'm sure to forget it soon. Maybe I might remember the characters, but I didn't remember them very well in WoL either. I couldn't remember an interesting thing that happens in WoL either.

I realise it's because SC2 is missing the political machinations that were going on in SC1. In SC1 all the people presiding over the war in each race, the commanders and whatnot, were arguing with each other in the mission and deliberating and figuring out what the next step was. There's none of that here. It's way too simplistic. It just feels boring and lazy as a result.

Also the characters motivations seem dubious.

You just got turned back into a human, so why would jump back into a spawning pool to turn in a zerg queen AGAIN. You didn't think 'maybe jimmy wouldn't like that' smh

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I enjoyed it. Obviously not the deepest and most engaging scifi ever, but still fun and I don't regret the time it took to play through it.

My only criticism is that the ending felt more like it was setting up another Zerg story. It didn't have any obvious hook into the upcoming Protoss story like the way the end of WoL did for Zerg.

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I found it pretty sad that the entire story of the game was basically the intro movie.

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It's a very good game gameplay wise. They spent about half of it retreading on the major mistake from WoL (reverting Kerrigan to human) but didn't bring back Tychus. Additionally they made the plot better by having legitimately dramatic moments in which they killed off every major antagonist; so we're left with no one to face except nebulous bad guy of doom. So chances are the story sucks the next time around, but HoTS probably wins the SC2 storyline award, WoL wins Dialogue. Brood War had a better plot to be sure but generally worse storytelling and due purely to tech vastly inferior in game cutscenes.

I will note due to the different specs you can have this game is much more replayable than Wings of Liberty and might well be the most replayable RTS ever; though all the Supreme Commanders are such that you could probably wind up doing more varied strategies in them.

Having just gone through WoL once and HoTS three times I'm much more compelled to play HoTS again but not really interested in WoL (despite an intense appreciation for the Hyperion sections of the game) Both games are relatively easy on Brutal; saw no real distinction on that front.

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