Kerrigan Build?

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#1 Posted by insanejedi (781 posts) -

If you don't want spoilers then what are you doing here go play the game!

Wanna know what everyone's Kerrigan build was?

I went in order of levels:

Kinetic Blast

Chain Reaction

Automated Extractors (Switched from improved overloads)

Spawn Banelings (Friggin awesome with Split banelings + 100% extra damage boost)

Vespene Efficiency


Spawn Leviathan (Who would pick anything else?)

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#2 Posted by Thule (739 posts) -

I'm using Raptorlings combined with Forced Mutation(?) and the zergling respawn passive, which is pretty awesome and allows me to keep rolling over everything. I use the single target/high damage spell with Kerrigan to take care of tough stuff and let the zerglings handle the rest.

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#3 Posted by TooWalrus (13401 posts) -

I chose mostly passive abilities, I don't particularly care for hero units.

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#4 Posted by StarvingGamer (11454 posts) -

Let's see I went...

  • Blast
  • Chain
  • The +HP/Attack Speed thingy
  • Auto Extractors
  • Double Drones
  • +Attack Speed
  • Primal Zerg

The auto extractors and double drones were mostly to free up supply so I could have a larger max army size. The same with the Primal Zerg, since they last the full duration of the cooldown and cost 0 supply.

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#5 Edited by airpi (18 posts) -

I went with

  • Kinetic Blast
  • Chain
  • Automated Extractors
  • Mend
  • Malignant Creep
  • Infest Broodlings
  • Leviathan

Well, really I only got to the last tier for the last two levels so I did one with Leviathan and the other with Apoc. For most of the early missions I went with zergling reconstitution and just kind of ploughed through everything with infinite raptor zerglings :V Once I got malignant creep my general strategy was kind of based around it though, together with the slowing roach strain it gives you a huge swing in damage output in your favor. With mend and a few queens in tow to spread the creep and heal I could pretty much sustain a ball of roaches and hydras indefinitely :V This was just on normal, mind.

Also chain+broodlings is godly for getting cheap meat out front to absorb damage.

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#6 Edited by Fredchuckdave (10784 posts) -

Good to see people not using dual drones/instant overlords; there's a lot of ways to make the game harder without even bothering with the editor; though I suppose if you're playing on normal it doesn't make much of a difference.

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#7 Posted by AiurFlux (954 posts) -
  • Kinetic Blast
  • Psionic Shift
  • Automated Extractors
  • Mend
  • Vespene Efficiency
  • Fury
  • Spawn Leviathan

I'm also interested which units people took when they did the evolution missions and what mutations they're primarily using. I took;

  • Swarmling strain (Zergling) - Metabolic Boost Mutation
  • Hunter strain (Banelings) - Rupture Mutation
  • Vile strain (Roach) - Tunneling Claws Mutation
  • Lurker strain (Hydralisk) - Grooved Spines Mutation
  • Viper strain (Mutalisk) - Rapid Regneration Mutation
  • Carrion strain (Swarm Host) - Burrow Mutation
  • Noxious strain (Ultralisk) - Burrow Charge Mutation

Why did I take the Viper over Brood Lord? Dark Swarm. It still is the best ability in the game. It completely locks down an attack and routes a defense.

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#8 Edited by Budwyzer (799 posts) -

Went with passives for kerrigan, besides the Enrage ability for my swarm. Double workers and instant overlords, to make a bigger army quickly.

As for the mutations.

Leaping zerglings with +50% attack speed

Leaping Baneling with more primary target damage

Vile Roaches with quick burrow regen - to get my front line back to full hp after a fight

Regular Lurkers with increased range for hydras

Brood Lords with better glaives for Mutas

Swarm Hosts attack air

Splash damage for ultralisk and obviously burrow charge, wait those are under the same tree. I just opened the ultralisks and it only has Burrow Charge. I don't have a strain for it yet.

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#9 Posted by TheMasterDS (2946 posts) -
  • Leaping Strike
  • Chain Reaction
  • Automated Extractors
  • Mend
  • Twin Drones
  • Fury
  • Leviathan

And for the units...

  • Raptor with Metabolic Boost
  • Hunter with Corrosive Acid
  • Corpser with Tunneling Claws
  • Impaler Hydra with Ancillary Carapace
  • Viper Muta with Rapid Regeneration
  • Creeper with Burrow
  • Noxious with Burrow Charge

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