Offline for Single Player?

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Hi guys. I'm fairly new to Starcraft 2 and am looking to get HoTS. Last starcraft I played was Brood War.So my question is, does the HoTS single player campaign require constant online connectivity? The reason I'm asking is that I have poor internet connection at home and if its going to be like Diablo 3, playing it will be quite a pain.

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Yeah you can play it offline. I just checked by disconnecting Wifi on my laptop and booting up the game and campaign.

No achievements or that stuff though.

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Sweetness...thanks! Achievements are neat, but the single player campaign comes first I guess. This is definitely good news for me. Does the multiplayer against AI require internet connectivity?

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Bot play requires a connection, also as a heads up this is an expansion so WOL is required to play this.

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Alright, looks like im going to have to get WoL too i suppose. I was thinking of jumping straight to HoTS though. Thanks for the heads up.

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