Plunging Into the Heart of StarCraft II's Zerg Swarm

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#101 Posted by jimto (32 posts) -

I have never liked RTS games. I understand this is a failing on my part.

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#102 Posted by Fira (35 posts) -

so hype

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#103 Edited by vorhenze (146 posts) -

I wish I had any interest in these Starcraft games. They seem like they would be pretty interesting.

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#104 Posted by Blindside002 (2 posts) -

I liked the story of WoL but sadly I'm not very good at RTS games. I just hope there is a way for Kerrigan to stay as a human rather than going back to her weird, yet oddly hot, bug form at the end of the game.

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#105 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

needs more of a "Starcraft II: Tits and Tentacles Edition" vibe to make wide-appeal cash.

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#106 Posted by CharAznable (830 posts) -

Thanks for the impressions, Brad. I'm trying to forget about this game until it's closer to being released, otherwise the wait will be unbearable.
I enjoyed the hell out of the campaign, but mostly avoided the multiplayer component. I just can't hang these days like I used to. I'd be satisfied with just another well-conceived campaign with unique missions like the first installment.

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#107 Posted by blueduck (965 posts) -

The plot to WoL was the worst thing I've ever watched.

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#108 Posted by MisterMouse (3602 posts) -

How many banelings? SO MANY BANELINGS.

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#109 Edited by yorro (560 posts) -

Get Hyped Like a Boss

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#110 Posted by doe3879 (957 posts) -

I hope BLizz learned how to mask loading in this game.
Wings of Liberty was great and all but the way it loads just seem so outdated.
Cut Scene > Story Briefing > Mission Briefing > Loading
I'm sure the loading be can masked behind one of those Briefing

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#111 Posted by Uberjannie (354 posts) -
@doe3879:  Then people will just whine and bitch about you not being able to skip the briefing. Haters gonna hate. 
Im not even a Starcraft fan, but the loading in the game was quick enough for me not to bother. Fallout3 on the other hand.
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#112 Posted by Scigrex14 (101 posts) -

Great Article and Interview! As always Brad delivered on both. 
This is my most anticipated game right now!

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#113 Posted by ribeye (479 posts) -

Day 1 purchase for me and i'm just in it for the single player

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#114 Posted by oniring (18 posts) -

I want I want I want! Cant wait for this to come out :D

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#115 Posted by RagOnAStick (29 posts) -

Boner alert!

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#116 Posted by dvorak (1516 posts) -

Totally ready for more Starcraft. Although I kind of feel like that's a constant state for me.

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#117 Edited by MrKlorox (11142 posts) -

Nova is such a tranny-looking broad.

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#118 Posted by Destroyeron (390 posts) -


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#119 Posted by Fjordson (2568 posts) -

Day one most definitely. <3 Blizzard. I know the multiplayer is what most people focus on, but I love the attention Blizzard is giving the single player campaigns. I usually don't play much of them in RTS's, but Wings of Liberty totally turned that on its head.

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#120 Posted by queenulhu (336 posts) -

Sounds freakin sweet!!! *_*

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#121 Posted by jjacobsson (57 posts) -

Over 9000 points to Samwise Didier for the "it's gona be out next week".

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#122 Posted by guilherme (353 posts) -


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#123 Posted by Gazel_Ministry (130 posts) -

Great article, and interview as well. As a zerg player I can't wait to see the changes they make to the multiplayer. Until then, how about a Hydra buff! Come on!

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#124 Posted by BabyChooChoo (6560 posts) -

I'd like to plunge into Kerrigan. I'll show her a Zerg rush.

Oh my god, I need help.

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#125 Posted by TheMasterDS (2912 posts) -

It's interesting how a lot of the details of the systems changed entirely since this article. They made little missions to lead into every Evolution and made the lesser mutations perk like in that they can be switched at any time. Similarly they dropped the whole "Spec Ops vs Corruption" idea they had for Kerrigan and just made a proper skill tree. Err, is it a skill tree when each level has 2 mutually exclusive picks and it doesn't branch out so much as get more and more baller? Maybe that's something else. Skill ladder maybe. I dunno.

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