So how is this going to work?

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 Work on Heart of the Swarm has probably literally just started but the ending of wings of liberty has me somewhat confused on how the expansion will work. I mean what happened to Kerrigan makes me confused on how the story will work. I just beat Wings of Liberty so I'm still soaking it in so maybe I'm missing something besides the Zerg hair.
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my best guess is that since she has accessed such powerful psyonic powers as the queen of blade she'll be able to access similar powers as a human but will have to train herself to harness such power as a human, ( possibly with toshe's chemicals for specters?) and will be able to control the zerg even as a human but she will have to fight for that control through gaining that power and battling the fallen one's hybrid minions for control of course she will have the help of Raynor's raiders. so this story will pick-up right after she was saved and the legacy of the void will pick up right after hear of the swarm. these are just my speculations though... tell me what you think.

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I think Blizz got themselves in a bind with their decisions at the end of WoL. Since Admiral Ostra has already spoiled the ending, it's no revelation that Kerrigan is human again. The major questions remain whether she can still control the swarm or cares for Raynor. For me, a more interesting story arc would be a fledgling cerebrate or Overmind which has slowly has to take control of the swarm (a la Kerrigan in Brood War). How this would fit into the "Kerrigan must live" prophesy is questionable, but I hope they do this rather than making you play a Zerg campaign as a human Kerrigan. Because that's retarded. The Zerg campaign should reignite the alien mindset that made them awesome.

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I liked the ending. It didn't end on some annoying cliff hanger. It didn't answer much but at least it was a good way to end the campaign. 

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I guess they go up against the Xel'Naga or something?

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@dudeglove said:
" I guess they go up against the Xel'Naga or something? "

Spoilers from the leaked Heart of the Swarm end video follow... 
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Anyways, if full Starcraft 2 spoilers are being allowed now: 
I'm betting Kerrigan will start out being mostly human at the start of HotSand do the whole budding-relationship song and dance with Raynor, before they both sadly realize that she's still part zerg (remember crazy-hair in WoL's closing shot?) meaning their romance can never be, and besides she must return to her fully zerged-up self to regain full control of the Zerg and save the damn galaxy. They go their seperate ways, and the loose ends are neatly tied up (but remain open ended) for whatever madness Blizzard wants to do with Legacy of the Void.
Edit: Wow, I fully forgot to spoiler out the hot SC1 spoilers above. Sorry, guys.
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@Donos: Yeah most of what I said kind of depends on Duran being that scientist lol.
By the way what hints were dropped that it wasn't Duran? I relaised Narud was Duran backwards kind of early but didn't make the connection who he was when I was playing the campaign.
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@haffy: Err, what? You seemed unsure whether they were the same person, and I was offering my opinion that they absolutely are. Other evidence is just the similar accents, facial hair, etc.
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I read what you wrote wrong. I thought you were saying that it was just a coincidence, and something in the game said that it wasn't.

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@strangone said:
Spoiler Tag not working FYI:
  • While probably accurate, I'd be really unhappy with this choice. Throughout SC and BW, the Zerg campaign had a positively delightful atmosphere of inhuman psychology (see -> link), which this concept just swats away. On one hand it makes sense to A. Continue the story directly from WoL and B. Humanize the characters (specifically Kerrigan) so that the audience can connect to them easier, but on the other hand this is pulling away possibilities for unique storytelling and characterizations that we know and love the Zerg for.
  • While we know Kerrigan MUST play a large part in HotS, I hope either A. She doesn't piggyback on Raynor's escapades against Mengsk or B. She doesn't control the Swarm directly
  • Other options for the Zerg campaign: Kerrigan has lost her Zerganity, and thus cannot control the swarm directly, but she can nurture a new overmind or cerebrate that's capable of stopping the Swarm being controlled by another party.
  • Sure Mengsk is a buttface who'll probly cork it before long, but to make him a primary directive (to stop his evildoing ways) in HotS would be laughable. If we assume that Kerrigan knows who Dr. Narud really is, maybe we could see a story focused on stopping his obviously humungo-diabolical plans while Mengsk suddenly becomes more of a thorn in your side than the "main bad guy". Essentially, Raynor's gotten his gurl back and realizes there's bigger fish to fry than Mengsk, but Mengsk is either A. verging into madness in his obsession with destroying Raynor or B. Desperately trying to stay in control regardless of the fact that his regime is crumbling. The major effect is that we realize how minute Raynor and Mengsk's enmity is in the grand scheme of things. Maybe Mengsk slowly realizes there's bigger things at stake and in the end tries to reclaim his original glory (overturning the Confedresah) and recapture his son's respect (since he believes him to idolize Raynor) by helping the Hyperion gang stop some big shit at the cost of his life (and so Raynor is kill cockblocked for the second time in SC2 [he promised he'd kill Kerrigan in BW])
  • Something else that's been griping at me is the fact that the Protoss got the short end of the stick, story-wise in WoL: the mini-campaign is only really based around investigating this Xel'Naga prophesy and besides that we have two factions (Taldareeem and Good Guy Brotoss) we interact with. And honestly, the Taldareeem come out of fucking no where lore-wise and basically let us kill Protoss without feeling bad. Now if we focus the story on taking down Mengsk in HotS, well how the heck do the Protoss fit into THAT? Honestly, the story MUST divert away from the Terran agenda to be worthwhile.

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