Thanks for reminding me it's April Fool's Day

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So, I noticed the nice little Warhound update they've put through for today. Now, everyone gets them! They're also... workers? There's something great about seeing a warhound morph into a spawning pool, or warp in a pylon. At first I thought it was real, but in my early morning stupor I forgot to take into account April 1.

EDIT (in my early morning stupor I also linked the plain update not the Q&A): Here's the Q&A FOR REAL. for more information. I kind of hope they end up being able to put the baneling portraits in the warhounds. That's just something I want to see.

Here's the update I mistakenly called the Q&A

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I was watching the Acer team league battle thing casted by a super tired Rotty, and it looked horrible with those WH's as probes/scv's and drones...

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