Gordon Hayward of the Utah Jazz talking about Starcraft

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#1 Posted by Pobearo (119 posts) -

Damn, this guy just turned 22, is a starting forward for the Utah Jazz, and is apparently pretty good at Starcraft II (Says he's in diamond league). He's pretty much a boss.

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#2 Posted by zombie2011 (5518 posts) -

His mom pretty good looking.

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#3 Posted by Turambar (8033 posts) -

Games beyond the usual first and third person shooters getting mainstream exposure is always a good thing.

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#4 Posted by Dagbiker (7047 posts) -

@zombie2011 said:

His mom pretty good looking.

No shes not.

also why would i care about this.

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#5 Posted by BrockNRolla (1726 posts) -

I think that's pretty awesome.

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#6 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

This is so cool. It's coolness is enhanced for me as a lifelong Jazz fan. Maybe if he ever hits Grandmaster, the Jazz will be able to advance in the playoffs. Sadly, it sounds like he's about as as consistent in Starcraft as he is on the court... He's young, though. He'll be excellent in a few seasons.

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#7 Posted by deathstriker666 (1349 posts) -


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#8 Posted by BoG (5390 posts) -

@deathstriker666 said:


He's only in his second season.

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#9 Posted by csl316 (14192 posts) -

Kind of awesome. Reminds me of my childhood, actually. Sports all day, and once the sun goes down we'd start playing games.

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#10 Posted by Pobearo (119 posts) -

@deathstriker666: He's actually pretty good. He led butler to back to back final fours, and was the 9th overall pick 2 years ago. He's a legit basketballer and apparently a legit gamer.

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#11 Posted by MacEG (282 posts) -

This audio mix is terrible.

Still pretty cool though.

Also, I would watch a celebrity brawl for it all in SCII.

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