GSL Code S Finals are tonight!!

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It's true, link is here.

I've been a Genius fan since his Blizzcon win, so I'll always root for him. I do think that DRG's due for a Code S championship, so I'll be enjoying the hell out of this.

It'll be the first GSL anything I've watched since November, because I can't pass these two up.



Ok, it's over and done. You can still watch the first game via the link, which was absolutely fantastic. Some good trash talk in the interviews beforehand, and an interesting variation on the handshake by Genius. It's been months since I watch GSL, but if this is a reflection of how it's progressed lately... sign me up for more.

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Don't even care that it'll be midnight when it airs, should be a great game to watch. I'll be voting for Genius, the dudes a great player.

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It'll be 2 am here... but screw it, I'm off this weekend.

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It's 7am here and I haven't slept yet....hope I can stay awake for this.

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Since there isn't a Terran player in the finals I'll be rooting for Genius. Anything is better than that horrible race called Zerg. :P

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Wow, they were so overloaded hardly anyone could even get on the stream for the first match or two, including paying folks like myself. Not good.

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Oh god, I fell asleep like a half hour beforehand. Old man is old.

That's a sexy venue, wow.

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That venue is amazing.

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