How can I improve? Heres a replay of mine.

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 Here is my newest video: 

I tried taking some of the advice from below and apply it to the this game.

Any more advice, SC2 players? I want to get out of bronze     
 I REALLY suck at the game. I've won maybe 2 out of 15 or so games. 

I got to the point where I'd like some Starcraft 2 players to give me some tips. 

Heres a replay of mine sped up so if you're into Starcraft 2 can you just give it a quick watch and say what I'm doing wrong?

I'm sick of losing.    

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I don't play zerg but: spread creep earlier, drone harder, use your first units too take any xel'naga towers, spread out your overlords all over the map too grant better vision, keep an army of speelings seperate from your main army and as soon as they move out charge in with them to force the retreat or they suffer huge damage, sacrafice an overloard every so often too see what tech structures they have..hmmmm main problem with that specific replay was that hydras MELT too collosi and they should not be the bulk of your army unless he's going mass air so you had no chance but if you knew they where coming earlier you could have got some corruptors or massed roaches instead.
Also and this is key you never really pressured him if you had maybey 10 mutas you could have bounced between his base's picking off probes and pylons keeping his army tied up in defence or forcing lots of resources on cannons, as you hit his expo with mutas and see his stalkers go too defend push the front with your roach hydra lings and check out   
 if your on the EU server we could play?

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ok so i watched the video really quick but here are some thoughts.  
1. you seem to be turtling, and not doing recon.   
2. you might want to try some early pressure just to keep the other player on edge.  
3. whit recon you an see what building are up on the other players side and create counters.  

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You seem to have some basics down right. You've got a solid build order, good creep spreading, average macro, but your scouting and decision making is terrible. 
After you get up your 2 Hatches and making alot of drones for both, you decide to make like 30 zerglings and a couple of spine crawlers, why? This is why you scout. The Protoss wasn't being agressive at all and if you knew what he was doing, you could've responded. by either harassing his expansion or taking a third expansion for yourself. Or making a ton of units and spine crawlers if he was going to attack.
When the Protoss decides to attack your expo with a number of Blink stalkers, you send your Hydras and zerglings to attack. This Protoss attacking force is something you should've repelled easily or maybe even wiped out, expecially considering your unit compostion. Blink Stalkers are a little better than regular Stalkers against speedlings, but with the number of speedlings you had, you should've cleaned it up easily. You attacked him with your Hydras on creep, which was working, considering Hydras own Stalkers. 
Then you send in the speedlings(good), but after chasing him to the cliff, you decide to move back, again why? You had the advantage, and your lings would've killed all that, then you run everything back. The Stalkers kill some stuff chasing you down, then you decide to attack again with the Hydra's and lings, however, before you actually engage, you decide to leave again, causing the Stalker to get more free shots off. 
Then you retreat again, causing you to lose alot more Hydra's then you should've. Next time, just move everything in, especially considering your unit composition versus his.  Attack-move your Hydra's, then click behind the Stalkers with your lings, causing them to surround the Stalkers. He's got Blink, sure, but it'll force him back. And after he Blinks, you can just surround him again and move up your Hydra's, while his Blink cools down. 
If you did clean up that force of Stalkers, you could've easily taken an expo yourself or retaliated against his expo.
After a while you start accumulating thousands of minerals. This is bad, because minerals in the bank do nothing for you. If you've got trouble spending it all: make an extra hatch next to your main and/or expansion hatch, and use your excess Queen energy to get more Larvae out, so you can make more units. Even pro's do this, so you shouldn't feel bad. 
You can also just expo to EVERYWHERE. Just plop down a Hatchery at every expansion, even if you're not using it, you're still denying it to your opponent, who has to kill it and wait for the creep to recede.
Your unit composition was good, considering you basically countered the Protoss blind. But both Stalkers and Zerglings are light units, and if the Protoss sees alot of those, he'd be an idiot not to get Colossi. Hydra's have a very small timing window against Protoss where they're good, but once Colossi come out, they're gonna melt away.(Which is what happened) You needed to transition to Roaches earlier. Once you get like 15 Hydra's, which together can hold off alot of Gateway units, you should've added Roaches. Roaches are the meat shield to the Hydra's and can deal with almost everything the Protoss can throw at you. You also could've thrown down a Spire, so you can make some Corruptors, which can deal with the inevitable Colossi that will be coming out when you make alot of Hydra's.
You had basically no knowledge of your opponent for the entire game and you didn't respond to whatever information you did have. As a Zerg, you should spread your overlords across the map, you should send your first to his base to scout and then send it to his expo, so you know when he's taking a second base. The rest of your overlords should be sent to all other expo's on the map, so your opponent can never sneak in a hidden expansion somewhere. Once your Lair is up, have all the expo overlords poop creep on the place where the Command Center/Nexus should go, to delay your enemy for as long as possible. You can also place overlords on cliffs, so they can see stuff, but your opponent can't see them. Though Jungle Basin doesn't really have that.
You also sent like 4 zerglings into his base at the beginning of the game. I don't know whether it was to scout or to harass, but it wasn't good either way. If you wanted to scout, you should've just sent 1 zergling. If you can get it in to scout, great, but if you lose it, you only lose 25 minerals instead of 100. Also when you scout, actually follow the ling and see what it's seeing, don't go back to your base and forget about it. You can tell alot about what your opponent is doing, by looking at the buildings he's making and how his workers are distributed among his minerals and gas. 
Your lack of scouting and passivity also allowed the Protoss to get his third base up and running, before you even started yours. As a Zerg, you want to generally be up one base against Protoss and Terran opponents. If he went for a third that early and you knew about it, you probably could've a-moved into him with the shitload of units you had and easily won the game. 
So, basically scout more and actually respond to what you see.

Hope this helps. If you want some more help, post some more replays/video's and I'll try my best to give you my analysis.

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I didn't watch that closely, but it seemed at the start your money got super high AND you had a queen qued up. You need to make sure your spending it on something (or get gas earlier?). When he first attacked your expansion you had enough units so it didn't end up mattering that much.  
Some of the battles you didn't even look at, which is OK to a certain extent, but make sure you're looking for the red blip on the minimap (and play with sounds for when they say you are under attack). You almost always want to have all your units together. Unless you know what you are doing counterattacking or harrassing then his army will just fight your army in two halves and you will get crushed.
You probably should have scouted the side expo earlier -- if you are zerg you can rally your 2nd/3rd overlord to all the out of the way expos if you normally don't use them and then you'll never be surprised by an expansion. 
Essentially infinity hydras would have died to his collossi, so you probably need corruptors or at least not be so hydra heavy. I would suggest trying mutalisks instead of hydras in the midgame (with speedlings to help) maybe to see if you like them better -- you can actually put some pressure on instead of having these super slow hydras that the blink stalkers could run around so easily. 
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First of all, watch this video. If you want to improve your StarCraft mechanics this is the guy you should be looking for: he 
is a professional commentator and makes an everyday show called Day9 daily, in which he analyzes high-level pro games,
but he focuses on the basics and low-level play as well (go to; try searching for a term 'newbie tuesday':it's a weekly
show focusing on the low-level play). I've been a huge fan of him since I saw that episode, which gave me so much and improved
my play style a ton.
On the low level, there are some primary things you should be looking at:   
-do NOT get supply blocked ever
-make probes/SCVs/what have you practically all the time (in the lower leagues this point
alone can often win you games as you just outmacro them)
-spend your resources  (build units, upgrade, tech etc)
-don't EVER que more than 2 units
Important advice: 
 -If you've only started, I'd strongly advise you to pick an other race than Zerg. 
They're difficult as you have to choose when to make drones or units, which requires
very good knowledge of what your opponent is doing and can do, and is difficult for beginners. You should start off with Terran or Protoss 
when there is still time, in my opinion. 
-Look at your resources often. If you see that you have way more money than gas, build more geysers. 
Keeping your money low is one of the principles of Starcraft: spend your resources on units, and when all your unit producing structures
are recruiting new units, use the excess money to build some more of them.

The video should give you a good sense on what to look at when you're playing a game.
Also, what league and on which server do you play?
EDIT: If you really want to stick to Zerg, this should be super helpful.

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@imsh_pl: I'm only bronze. =( 
And yeah, this is the first RTS I'm actually trying to play on.
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I did watch your video, and just wanted to point out a few things.  First of all, you don't suck.  Your opening was a strong 11-gas cancel that I've seen none other than GSL Season 2 winner NesTea use to great effect.   Your drone saturation was good, and you did a quick expo after scouting with zerglings to check for proxies.  You even creep tumored in sets like they recommend.  These things show me that you're indeed not a bronze player at all.  However, Zerg starts to get harder to use from here and I consider them to be the highest skill requirement race of the three. 
It's at the start of the mid-game where things went real rotten.  Right after the attack on your expo, you seemed to fall apart.  You had excess minerals, which means you were not making mans.  Making mans is the most important thing Zerg can do.  Also, even on the compressed youtube video I saw observers in your base.  You could have used a few more detectors floating around to deny your opponent vision.  Also, zerg always needs to have one base up on their opponent, because Zerg units can replenish fast but die faster generally, and they are very gas intensive.  So a third expo would have been good.  
The last thing that let you down in this match was timing.  When you pushed out with your hydras and lings, if you had kept your army together, rallied re-enforcements, and did a timing push on his expansion you would have won the match.  You had his army crushed - your unit composition was very good against his.  So in this timing you had 2 choices - push in with rallied macro-intensive unit pumping on two base, or expand and tech to counter collosi.   You had a third base but you did not tech, so your standing army became useless because you gave your opponent too much time to build a counter opposition. 
In the end the match was much closer than it seemed.  You actually were way ahead at one point, but your midgame fell apart and there was some bad timing choices, thats all.

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I am too lazy to read the other comments but heres what i saw.  
FIrst of all your Macro seems fine. But keep in mind Zerg must always have 1 more expansion than other races, so as soon as u saw him take his natural, you should have expanded, there was no reason build so many lings at that point in the game. Blind Hydra is not a good plan, zerg are REACTIONARY, and by doing what you did you let a protoss be reactionary, don't let 4 min pass without scouting, and then make an army according to it. ALWAYS make a spire, you won't always have to use it but you should always have it ready, so that if scout a colosus u can have 5-7 corruptors right away.  
Lings Are your friends, always have like a group of 30 keyed somewhere and when a battle starts bring them behind(which means you should not be attacking much), only harrassing and counter attacking.  Hydras are only good vs toss if they are supported by corruptors, because after 3 colosi, they get creamed.   
My personal taste with that map is baiting with expos, if i feel like my economy is wayyy ahead i will take the side expansion and capitalize on my advantage, if my army is wayyy ahead, or its built with no good reason, i take the middle expansion, that usually stirs up attacks.  
After the 20 min mark i usually have all the T1 and all the T2 structures built just to give me the option of being reactive to anything, especially against toss who can just quickly switch from stalker to zealot without warning, it sucks when 10+ zealots show up and you dont have roaches.  
If your going blind, its usually best to go muta ling, with proper scouting it would have won you the game, pick off the colosus and surround the stalkers. 
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corruptors would of maybe won this for you. they can kill the colossus without being hit back. could of flown them around the back while you pushed in the front with your hydras. also a few ultralisks would do great. they destroy stalkers.

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Wow. Thansk for all the great advice guys!  
I'll definitely try to keep all of it in mind as I play, but yeah that'll be pretty hard to do all at once. =p 
I'll have a new video up pretty soon.

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New video is up guys. Please watch and give advice!

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@jeremytodd1 said:
" New video is up guys. Please watch and give advice! "
I honestly don't know why you're in Bronze, I think that if you keep playing, you should get out of it for sure. You really did improve alot over that last game and you did take alot of our advice to heart.  
I liked that you were alot more proactive about your scouting. You spread out your overlords and sent your first few to either side of his base. You might want to consider just moving one of those into your opponent's base in the mid-game though, so you can see what he's up to.
You kept your lings active and scouted his expo and front, which is good, because it would've alerted you to an attack ahead of time.
Your money did get every high though. Just remember that if you've got that much money, you really should spend it all. Just plop down every Tech Structure you don't already have and get every upgrade you think will be useful.
Also, what I said last time, make an in-base Macro Hatch and use your additional Queen energy on that. It'll allow you to spend all that money on units.
You were a little lucky that your opponent was terrible, considering he basically walked all his marines into your banelings, but even though he was terrible, I still saw an improvement in your play.

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