Little late, but two Starcraft II guest passes available

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#1 Posted by FireBurger (1569 posts) -

Hey, I have two US 7-hour guest passes available for someone who wants one. Just post here saying if and why you want one and I'll PM two people the codes.
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I, on the other hand, have one EU guest pass, so message me if you'd like it.

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#3 Posted by Shibbxyz (289 posts) -

OO i would like a US guest pass for  the next Tourny :D

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#4 Posted by imsh_pl (4207 posts) -

Oh crap
Me too!

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I would like to have one because many of my friends want to buy Starcraft II but they have crappy quality computers so they don't want to risk buying SC2 (because it's a waste if their computer can't run it.) With a guest pass, at least then one of them could try the game to make sure his computer can run it. 
I'm NA servers btw. 
Edit: Just thought of this now, but if you gave me a guest pass, an extra person would be able to come to my SC2 LAN that I'm having this Friday :D.

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