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Hola bombers!

I've gotten back in to playing 4-5 games a night and started to notice that PvZ is my worst matchup seems i always get beat by the dreaded 6pool (mind you im in bronze leauge so this stuff has to be way more common)...i try to wall off but i am always behind...i did a search for it on the forum with "PvZ 6 pool" and nothing really came up any tips from you guys...also while i have your attention I've been streaming my games if you are bored and want something to watch its at www.twitch.tv/nickydubz if not no problem im terrible and dont blame you. Thanks guys

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I'm definitely not an expert at protoss, but I think you should be able to scout he only has 5-6 workers before the lings get to you. Just wall off completely. If you manage to get a zealot started and he gets in, run your workers around until it finishes (unless you have to save a pylon or something). That way even though you lose mining time you'll have like twice as many workers as him when you survive. If you have to fight with your workers, select them all and spam right click on a mineral patch so they all stack on top of each other. When the lings get close right click a mineral patch on the other side of the lings, causing your probes to run through the zerglings. When they are on top of the zerglings do an attack move. That in theory will get you a perfect surround on them.

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Hey! I'm glad you're getting back into playing! The first question is if you are trying to forge fast expand or are doing a safer gateway expand. If you're forge fast expanding, build a second pylon in your mineral line, and then a cannon. Once you lose your pylon and forge down by your natural, you will still be ahead. If you are doing the gateway style, you should be placing your pylon so that there is just enough room to block your ramp with two gateway sized buildings. There are many different ways to handle it, if you want to be super safe you can wall with a forge and build a single cannon. The more common way is to micro probes against the first six zerglings, either killing them and pulling back weakened probes before they die or running around until the zealot is out to help.

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If I know anything about PvZ, you should try to end up with 2 columns of Sunflowers on the left. You can survive with 1 column, but you'll always be strapped for cash.

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Thanks for the tips Crib sounds good....timing on my expos has been bad recently i usually just go 10/forge and try to wall sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

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I watched the game you played on your stream archive and you lost because you didn't wall off properly. You also could've pulled off something like 8 probes in order to hold off the lings until your cannons completed.

Generally I'd advise you to go Gate->Cyber if you're 1-basing and going Forge first if you want to expand really quickly. Against Zerg it's also a good idea to send a scout to his base after you build your first pylon(just send the probe that built the pylon), so that you might spot an incoming 6 pool.

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6pool is easy to hold off with one build you should always do vs Zerg; Forge fast expand.

because u can scout a 6pool really easily when you do put a pylon behind your mineral line and then as soon as the forge finishes slap a cannon in ur mineral line, and dont stop making probes.. then build ur stuff around ur nexus, get out alot of zelots and store gas (make the zelots to force him to make lings) and then get a stargate a few VR's and a phonex and crush him... or just re-expand when u have a few zelots.


a replay of low level 7pool rush (the same as a 6pool) at lolgold level

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Let Grampa Toss show you a thing or 2:

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@Bwast said:

Let Grampa Toss show you a thing or 2:

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Very nice! I need to start playing SC2 again!
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whitera makes any thread infinatally better

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@NickyDubz said:

Thanks for the tips Crib sounds good....timing on my expos has been bad recently i usually just go 10/forge and try to wall sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

The best way you should be expanding is getting pylon on 9 - scout, forge on 13, cut probes at 16 and then get your nexus then cannon then gateway. When you're doing it the cannon will feel very late, but don't worry, it can hold any standard pool timings. If you scout a quicker pool, just cannon before nexus, and if you scout 6 pool, then do the pylon +cannon in your main. Here's how I open, I end up losing to a silly strategy but that's okay, the opening is what matters.http://drop.sc/95029

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@ConfusedCrib: Thanks a ton sir ill give that a look...do you stream at all id love to watch sometime :)!

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I was watching my friend stream a while back and he reacted pretty well against a 6pool. This was on shakuras. I'll link the video archive in a moment, but if you don't want to watch it I'll just run it by you in text first. It was a 4player map, so he scouted right after the 9 pylon (he always says to scout after the 9 pylon if it's a 4 player map, but after the 12 gate if 2 player map). He saw the pool down, so he put down a forge and blocked the rest of the wall with a probe. When the forge was finished, he put a cannon down. He held until he could get units and push.

Here's the video: http://www.twitch.tv/stscompleted/b/307176236

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Scout and don't be afraid to use workers to defend.

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