Red Bull Battlegrounds

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Hey guys the Red Bull Battlegrounds is coming up here in the next few weeks (The 26th and 27th) in Austin Texas and myself and some friends are actually going to make the trip down there to see it. I was just curious if anyone else is going or has been to any similar live Starcraft events? Pretty exciting for a road trip and see some pro's play. I'm just a scrub player in Silver but I've really grown to love the game quite a bit since I started playing a few months back.

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I wish. Although there's nothing technically stopping me from getting a ticket out of Chicago... I can still wait til they do a thing here.

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only thing I've been to was a barcraft for the first MLG of 2012 and it was awesome, have to say.. if i was going to go to a tournament live though... there had better be drink there too... getting slowly wasted while watching insane sc2 games is awesome

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