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    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Jul 27, 2010

    The first chapter in the StarCraft II trilogy focuses on the struggles of the Terran race, as seen through the eyes of Commander Jim Raynor, leader of the rebel group Raynor's Raiders.

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    Not Just a Fresh Coat of Paint 19

      Starcraft 2 is a game that’s been a long time coming.   It’s also a game that’s gotten a whole mess of negative sentiment from what I can only hope is the usual vocal minority on the internet who condemn games like this based on some weird bizzaro-world metric for what makes games fun.   That said, let’s go ahead and get those concerns out of the way.   Starcraft 2 is not Starcraft 1 with a shiny new coat of paint.   When you buy Starcraft 2, you are not paying $60 for 1/3 of a game.   If thos...

    81 out of 92 found this review helpful.

    StarCraft II was worth the wait. 0

       It’s here. After twelve long years, StarCraft II is finally here! And I’m here to give you the run-down of how things are in the world of StarCraft. Enjoy your stay!   I bought the collector’s edition. I normally don’t buy collector’s editions, but I actually really respect Blizzard’s games. They’re pretty much perfect on release, and when you buy a Blizzard game, you know you’re buying quality. It’s like buying a Valve game. The packaging is pretty awesome. It’s made of cardboard, but it’s n...

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    It's about to get heavy! 0

    It's no secret that I loved the first Starcraft- it's been my gold standard for balanced multiplayer action over the past decade, and I've been stoked to see what Starcraft II could bring to the table. In short, it doesn't disappoint. Starcraft II builds on the multiplayer legacy of its predecessor in smart, exciting ways, and manages to provide an impressive single player campaign to boot . In other words, Starcraft II is a stellar strategy game that has something for absolutely everyone.The o...

    6 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Starcraft II Changed my Life 1

     Introduction After jumping on the hype train a few days before the release of the highly anticipated Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, i was wondering if Blizzard could once again deliver. As a fan of many Blizzard games including Diablo, Starcraft, and even a little bit of World of Warcraft, i had high hopes. Did the game exceed my expectations? (Well.. obviously because you can see how many stars i gave it!)  Here's a few basics about Starcraft. Well it is an RTS... actually it is THE BEST RTS ...

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    StarCraft II 0

    If you were to ask me at the time of Starcraft II's announcement what I felt, my answer wouldn't have been excitement or joy; I would have answered “trepidation”. Why? Because I simply couldn't picture it. I couldn't picture a second Starcraft. Sure, I saw the screenshots and videos, I understood what they were making and what they were going for, but Starcraft had become something so much larger than the original product. “Starcraft” was professional games airing live on tv, “Starcraft” was...

    5 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    The Fabulous Freebirds 0

    Maybe my brain functions a little differently from the rest of the world, but I always find the hardest part of writing reviews to be the introductory paragraph. I know what I don’t want to do with my beginning and go into the usual spiel of “it’s been a long time coming, the sequel to the all time great strategy game is here” because quite frankly, everyone starts their Starcraft 2 review like that. (And I wish people would stop quoting the Tychus Findley “Hell, it’s about time” cutscene.)  So...

    6 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    One game that is stealing my life, but doesn't cost $15 a month 0

      Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty Introduction Okay, well the day has come that Starcraft II has finally been released, and I for one am really excited to get my hands on this game. I even went to the midnight release, just so I could get my hands on it, as soon as possible. Alright, so Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is by far one of the best RTS’s that I have ever played in my life (and I have played a lot of RTS’s.) From Command and Conquer, Supreme Commander, Age of Empires, Rise of Nat...

    10 out of 14 found this review helpful.

    Great game with a unique problem 0

     This has been a long time coming for a lot of people.   The sequel to the RTS that founded a gameplay framework that was the base to use for future successful titles has come back in a big way.  It's predecessor is well known to be the game that generated an entire national league, and the sequel intends to make sure that players have the tools to push the e-sports scene further than before.  StarCraft 2 promises a compelling narrative, deeper levels of combat with unique missions, and a new co...

    5 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    Starcraft II; or Almost Lightning In A Bottle 0

    Few games come along when I feel the urge to review it, hell...this is only the second game I reviewed on Giant Bomb.  Why am I doing a Starcraft II review?  I guess in a sense, I feel this game might just be the best RTS I played since Warcraft III.  There's just layers and layers of depth, and a story that is somewhat compelling.  First, let's talk about the story, or my mixed experience on it.  Starcraft II doesn't have the greatest of plots, I wouldn't even consider it much of a plot, and it...

    11 out of 17 found this review helpful.

    Outstanding! 0

    Starcraft II's budget is right there up on the screen. From the moment you boot it up it's clear that this is a lavish package without precedent in PC gaming. Another thing that's nearly unprecedented is a twelve year gap between games in such a gigantic franchise (not counting Brood War). For maybe the first time, Blizzard could afford to actually spend seven or so years on development for a single game.     It's hard to convey exactly how I felt when I was actually playing Starcraft II for th...

    4 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Fantastic game! 0

    As someone who isn't a huge fan of the strategy genre, I was a bit hesitant to go pick up Starcraft II, think it would eventually just be pitched aside after a few days. But I'm of the opinion that this game truly fits perfectly into the "easy to learn, difficult to master" description. Even if you're complete new to strategy games you'll find the core concepts very easy to grasp when starting as Terran, and will find it very rewarding to play as you always feel like you're learning something ne...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    My Life For Aiur 0

    Waiting 12 years for a game builds expectations.  Waiting 12 years for the sequel to what is probably the most highly praised and widely played strategy games of all time takes things to a whole new level.  Well, with the wait finally over, Blizzard Entertainment has delivered not only a game worthy of the Starcraft brand, but one that is also one of the biggest, most well implemented strategy games period.  If you played the original Starcraft way back when, then you know the deal - playing as ...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Near Perfection: Suffers from minor issues 0

    StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is a more than worthy sequel which is years and years ahead of its predecessor. It is beautiful both graphically and in terms of gameplay. However, the story suffers from a few minor issues and the online play isn't picture perfect.  GRAPHICS: 4.5/5. Feel free to deduct 0.5 points for every year of your PC component's age or whatever, cos its not gonna look the same on a crap machine. To describe the graphics in one word would be.... "STUNNING"  To decribe it in se...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    A Must Buy for The RTS Gamer 0

    While I am not typically a fan of RTS games, there is something to be said and appreciated about just how complete this game is. StarCraft II is about as complete and engaging as they come when it comes to strategy games and should not be missed by fans of the genre. The game needs no introduction and is sure to remain the industry standard for complex, yet simple real time strategic game play. I can't think of any other game that offers a more satisfying RTS experience or looks nearly as good w...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    RTS Vet underwhelmed by lack of innovation in SC2 0

     Don't get me wrong, this game is presented well, and has a good-looking package and streamlined interface, but after being spoiled by many other RTS games over the past 12 years, I'm surprised Blizzard didn't do more with the actual gameplay and game setup. On the plus side, they didn't break anything related to the original gameplay.I played a lot of Starcraft when it came out in '98. I couldn't afford it at the time, but a dorm buddy of mine down the hall let me spawn a copy of it so we could...

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    One of the best RTS games ever made 0

    Gameplay 9/10 Graphics 9/10 Sound 10/10 Value 9/10 Tilt 10/10 Overall 9.4/10 With its insanely long development cycle star craft 2 is a game that promised a lot to its eagerly awaiting fans. So does it deliver on these promises? The answer is a resounding yes. To start out , the story is very solid and it will compel you to keep playing the game to its exciting conclusion. From the onset, you can see that Blizzard has used the long development schedule to craft a fine game as there is...

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    A tool for beginners, an addiction for pros 0

    There's 2 genres that I always considered my gaming "Achille's Heel": those being RTS and fighting games. While I understand the concepts for both, the strategy and the depths of knowledge of required seemed almost too above me and taking on something this complex seemed more daunting than say, a racing game. While it's easy to play the 2 genres and get a good feel for them, it's when you hop online battling against other players does the quote-unquote "science" of the genres show up such as bui...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    A perfectly engineered RTS experience 0

    Starcraft  was the first game that I purchased. I remember randomly selecting it from a shelf not even knowing that it was an RTS game. What I found was a very solid RTS experience, but not necessarily one that I fell in love with. 12 years have passed and I've finally gotten to play Starcraft's sequel. In this second instance, it may be love indeed.  From the outset it is clear that the core game play mechanics of Starcraft have not been altered in this sequel. Instead of holding the game back,...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    This is StarCraft 2... Jimmy. 0

    It’s been 12 years and it’s finally here. My goose is gettin’ cooked over this one. StarCraft 2 is armed and ready, its life is for Eiur and the metamorphosis is com-plete. Okay, I got my fix. Many people complained about the 60$ price, but to me it’s totally worth it. With the engaging and immersive single player campaign to the incredibly intense and competitive multiplayer, I would’ve easily paid more. Once you get in the game... PLAY THE CAMPAIGN! It’s beautiful. This campaign has ...

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    StarCraft 2 Review 0

    By - Richard J."Hell, it's about time!" - the saying plastered across nearly all promotions for Starcraft II. It has been twelve years since gamers started "Terran" it up in the original Starcraft. Despite my terrible pun, the original Starcraft has gone on to change the face of RTS'. It even went as far as being a national sport in South Korea. Starcraft is a synonym for Real Time Strategy. If you haven't already come to the conclusion: yes, Starcraft is a big deal.So finally, after those twelv...

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    The ultimate RTS for the non RTS gamer. 1

     After a long 12 years, the day has come when Blizzard Entertainment declared that "the wait is finally over" and released StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to the public on July 27, 2010; A massive worldwide release that brings a question to the mind of millions of gamers: Was the wait worth it? Paradoxically if you are an RTS gamer the answer to that question might just be a resounding "No". Surprisingly, that doesn’t mean the game is bad though.  "Oh crap" Since both singleplayer and multipl...

    3 out of 8 found this review helpful.

    Déjà vu... 3

    The original Starcraft was an innovative and compelling masterpiece. I spent a large part of 1998 and 1999 waging war online. However, over the course of 12 years Starcraft had been superseded time and time again by more innovative and balanced strategy games, and I've long since moved on. Naturally, considering the revolutionary nature of the first Starcraft, I've been eagerly anticipating the sequel with high expectations. I was apprehensive about spending $60 for a PC game, especially conside...

    5 out of 19 found this review helpful.

    yo it's pretty good 0

     I was only 4 years old when the original StarCraft came out. While I didn't play it right there and then, I watched my brothers go completely ape shit over it. And then when I did get to play it for myself, I understood what they were going nuts about. Blizzard crafted a strategy game at such a level that hadn't been made before; one that struck a competitive balance between the 3 radically different races, a highly in-depth map editor for it's time, and a story and universe that was gen...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Beta 2

    I'm in the Beta for Starcraft II and the game is essentially the same as the first with a few tweeks and its graphically much better. I loved Starcraft, it was the game that got me into video games, and I will love Starcraft II. Battlenet is the biggest improvemnt here. I'm not a terribly good player and while I know how to rush, I dont like to play that way, but battlenet is really good at setting me up against someone who is about my level of play. This has made the game much more fun in mulip...

    2 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    The Game We've All Been Waiting For 2

    So I never really got into Star Craft, I played through the campaign, but by now I've all but forgotten it. That didn't matter coming into Star Craft 2. It's one of those games that needs literally no introduction, just jumps into a fun, thrill ride of a campaign, taking you across the galaxy as you battle the zerg, protoss, and other marines. Its a decently long campaign and actually holds a good story for an RTS. But im not here to tell you about the campaign, the Multiplayer, ladies and gentl...

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    Success; Instant Classic!!! 0

    It only took 12 years but we finally got a brand spanking new Starcraft.   This game much like other Blizzard titles, looks great but plays great on all kinds of computers.  The single player is short but sweet, with achievements as well as different upgrades and missions you select at the cost of others it becomes very repayable.  And the challenge mode is great, not just for new players, but players like me who have been away from the game from a couple of years.  Of course the multiplayer is ...

    1 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    An RTS to please all gamers 0

    What can I say about Starcraft 2: Wings of Liberty? What praise can I give the game that hasn’t already gushed from Angry Joe and dozens of other critics? Can I even describe the satisfaction (and, yes, relief) I felt when I learned that Starcraft 2 would be released for the Mac? Speaking as a a gamer who isn’t fond of RTS games, Blizzard games transcend the conventions of their genres with top-notch presentation and storytelling. Starcraft 2 is no different. Simply calling it an RTS game ...

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    Not a step forwards. 0

    I have just finished the final mission of Starcraft 2 and feel that the ending of the game sums up my entire experience of the game, dissapointment.  I have played over 50 games multiplayer operating in the silver league and been taking my time with campaign doing about 1 mission a day for the last month ish.   EngineThe game engine has not moved on enough in 12 years, the technology being used in the main game should of moved on in leaps and bounds. I cannot believe that the decision was made ...

    1 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    A great sequel to Starcraft 0

    I've gone through the campaign mode once now, finished most of the challenges, and played some online play as well. So I can say that I enjoyed the story, it was shortish but that's alright since it has to be played over to try different paths out. The challenges are pretty sweet as well, and help you hone your skills. For those modes and the multi-player mode there are achievements which is a very nice improvement.  The multi-player isn't what I hoped it would be, after Warcraft III introduced ...

    1 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Starcraft 2 sucks (single player review) 23

    Note this review is for singleplayer only:  This review contains spoilers, so don't read it if you can't deal with knowing everything about the game.    Warning : This review is  for people who can actually see the flaws of the game and can speak about them openly given that everyone knows starcraft 2 is going to bring out the fanboys and their hatred, they would love shit in a box if it had the blizzard name on it. Note this is not a fanboy review, if you have never played starcraft 1 and are u...

    3 out of 18 found this review helpful.

    Hooked on SC II 0

    I'm by no means an RTS guy.  I love PC gaming, but I usually stick to FPS, or some MMO's.  I haven't played an RTS since the first Starcraft.  All that I can say is Damn!!!  This game is so fun.  I love the single player campaign so far.  I suck at the multiplayer, but I'm improving.  I have a few buddies that have it so we do some 2 Vs AI and that's good times as well.  I never thought I would have spent money on an RTS, but now I'm hooked.  If you have never tried and RTS and are even a little...

    1 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Starcraft 2 = play it, beat it, and forget it. 1

    Without the name Starcraft 2 or Blizzard attach to this game, it would be a decent RTS but nothing more.  Factor in only one race story and people would hate on any other RTS.  You can't compare this with the first game as that was a COMPLETE game while this one is a third.  At $60, I find it very hard to recommend this unless you simply live for MP RTS.  I simply can not understand how it took over a decade for this game.  When we get it, its incomplete and not very different from the first gam...

    1 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Lack of story and innovation leads to lack of satisfaction 9

    Although they have polished the excellent concept, you'd have thought after so many years in development, they would have built on it but they've decided to stick to the same concept and sit on safe solid land instead of walking a wonky line in an attempt to bring something new to the RTS genre like Company of Heroes or SupCom did. This isn't necessarily bad but it isn't necessarily good either; if EVERY sequel to every game ever made was just a reiteration of the prequel, the games industry wou...

    2 out of 36 found this review helpful.

    A great RTS 0

    To be honest, I'm not very good at RTS. I enjoy them, but i completely and totally suck ass. I heard SCII was a good game, so I picked it up. Just like every other RTS, I suck at it. However, I can safely say that this is the RTS I had the most fun with. The campaign is very fun, and the story is very interesting, but I think that you could appreciate it more if you played the first Starcraft and had any idea what the hell they were talking about half the time. They try and set the story up for ...

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    A pimple's length away from perfection... 0

    Next to Valve's 'The Orange Box' 'StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty' is one of the few games that keeps on giving. That's a mighty bold statement for a game that practically started the trend of PC games costing more than they normally have but take my word for it--your money is well spent. Unlike the recent movement of games where the only purpose of the campaign is to train the player for the "real game" of multiplayer, StarCraft II's campaign is deep, engaging and replayable to an almost infinit...

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    The Definitive Update to One of the Best Games Ever 0

    I loved the original Starcraft.  I never played a single online multiplayer match, but I've played through the campaigns countless times as well as numerous comp stomp matches.  While I'm not great at RTS games and don't typically enjoy Sci Fi, I loved the epic storyline, varied and unique yet balanced races, and the simple yet deep game systems.  Starcraft 2 basically takes all the things I liked about Starcraft and makes them better.  In a nutshell, the game is gorgeous, has all of the classic...

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    Being Milked Never Felt So Good 0

                    I was very much a skeptic when I heard about Blizzard's "financial scheme" for StarCraft 2, which involved splitting it up into 3 separate campaigns for each race, which would be sold separately.   That sounded very much like buying the same game 3 times to me, and I planned not to get any, but then got Wings of Liberty as a birthday present from family.                 It turns out that the campaign mode feels pretty solid, and the upgrades to the over its d...

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    blizard has done it again!!! 0

    blizard has done it again! with another classic rts in the making!! they were the dirtiest of dingoes back in the day for stealing the innovative formula introduced by dune 2, and flat out copying it for their own monetary and political gain, but so many years later, that dirty dealing has paid off in spades! with this classic rts in the making!! omygod blizard! you've done it again!! first came warcraft and then came starcraft, then they dirtied their bills in the muck that was diablo 2 for man...

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    StarCrack 2 0

    what can i say about a game that merges million on people around the world and brings RTS fans to there knees.  nothing that what this is a must have if you know the name you know the reason grate CG and excellent game play a must for any RTS lover, get ready to spend countless hour playing this game online with a new battle-net and a nice ranking system this is sure to use your time and have you  begging for more ...

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    Starcraft II; or Almost Lightning In A Bottle 0

    Few games come along when I feel the urge to review it, hell...this is only the second game I reviewed on Giant Bomb.  Why am I doing a Starcraft II review?  I guess in a sense, I feel this game might just be the best RTS I played since Warcraft III.  There's just layers and layers of depth, and a story that is somewhat compelling.  First, let's talk about the story, or my mixed experience on it.  Starcraft II doesn't have the greatest of plots, I wouldn't even consider it much of a plot, and it...

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    StarCraft 2 Second Opinion GamingSurvival Review 0

    By - Tom M.After over a decade of waiting, Blizzard has finally given us the sequel to Starcraft - perhaps the most popular RTS of all time. In classic Blizzard fashion, they took as much time as they wanted in crafting this game, and the polish definitely shows. They've expanded every facet of the game, and modernized the franchise the world fell in love with.Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty has its story completely focused on the Terran side of the ongoing conflict. While there was controversy r...

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    I will wait 12 years for another 0

    Since a young age I have always been a fan of the RTS genre although, in recent years it seems to have been going through a bit of an identity crisis. I never thought that after all these years what a modern RTS needed to change was essentially very little.  Starcraft 2 has been in development for a long time and it seems as if all that time has really paid off. The gameplay is exactly what you expect from and RTS game with you building bases to produce and upgrade your units before engaging in ...

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