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Success; Instant Classic!!!

It only took 12 years but we finally got a brand spanking new Starcraft.   This game much like other Blizzard titles, looks great but plays great on all kinds of computers.  The single player is short but sweet, with achievements as well as different upgrades and missions you select at the cost of others it becomes very repayable.  And the challenge mode is great, not just for new players, but players like me who have been away from the game from a couple of years.  Of course the multiplayer is the driving force made even better with the excellent ladder system.  The new units are awesome; soon vikings, banelings, colossi and reapers are going to feel just like old friends.  Zerg players are still rushing pains in the ass, shitty Terran players will still try and get battlecrusers as soon as possible and you will lose at some point to a Toss building cannons in your base.  As well as this expect to get reapers to fuck up your base, colossi to mess up your zerglings, and Toss to Void ray the shit out of you Command Center.  This is an instant classic, now I'm gonna shut up and go back to playing.

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