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Farming Is Fun; Agriculture Is Life. 0

Stardew Valley appears at first blush an unlikely candidate to be a smash hit release in 2016 amidst AAA crowd pleaser shooters like The Division and new instalments in stalwart franchises like Street Fighter V and Far Cry Primal. However, this independently developed farming focused life sim, with very little fanfare rocketed to the top ten in both Steam sales and concurrent users within the first fortnight of its release.What sets Stardew Valley apart from the mindless busywork of contemporari...

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Stardew Valley Video Review 0

What do you get when you try to make a video review when your mind is muddled due to illness and the medicine used to cure that illness? You get jokes that don't make sense, messed up video cuts and my voice sounding like I have a mouth full of marbles. Regardless, the video review of Stardew Valley is here! Rejoice!Video Here...

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Nothing but smiles in the Valley 0

Stardew Valley is, on the surface, a very simple game of farming and social interaction, but beneath the pixel graphics and chiming music lies layer upon layer of systems and unique content. It is a lasagna; cheesy on top with complex layers of tastes and meaty goodness once you bite in.Basically put, it is a survival game, without the fear of death. The wake/sleep cycle means you must plan out your activities for each day, which can mean maximising your time for best results. Changing seasons m...

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A retro Farming simulator? 0

I came into Stardew Valley so apprehensive. I had never played anything like Harvest moon but I had played a lot of farming simulator......a lot of it. So I thought I'd give it a try and here we are over a hundred hours later and I'm still playing this game. Its remarkable that this was made by one person. It oozes with character, personality, and charm that are all so carefully crafted with love. I really love Stardew Valley and the best part is that by the time you get bored with one acti...

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