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Best 4X since IGII

Stardrive is for me the best 4X since MoOII or IG2, as well as all the 4X basics from intricate economy to diplomacy espionage colonization and exploration, Stardrive also has exciting combat, but best of all it has the most detailed and meaningful ship creation system in any space game.

How you design your ships is vital to combat, with armour components placed o the outside protecting inner components, but then also adding more mass which effects speed and maneuverability, and as you research or steal technology from opponents you will have better and better components & weapons available.

You can take your final designs into combat, customizing fleet arrangements and tactics, or you can control a single ship specifically and aim at components on the enemy ships.

If you enjoy 4X games or simply having monumental ship battles, then don't miss Stardrive it is one of a kind.

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