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    Stardust Suplex

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jan 20, 1995

    All-women wrestling game by Varie for the Super Famicom.

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    Stardust Suplex is a competitive all-female pro-wrestling game for the Super Famicom. Unlike other all-women wrestling games for the Super Nintendo, such as JWP Joshi Pro Wrestling: Pure Wrestle Queens and Fire Pro Joshi All-Star Dream Slam, Stardust Suplex is not affiliated with a real-world wrestling organization but instead is presented by the "VLPW" or "Varie Ladys [sic] Professional Wrestling" circuit. However, the game's fictional wrestlers all have loose real-world parallels, similar to those featured in the Fire Pro Wrestling series.

    The game features three modes: Battle Royal, which pits four wrestlers against each other; Vs Battle, which is a single one-on-one or tag team match; and Stardust Super Battle which plays more like a tournament. The sixteen wrestlers have their own distinct finishers.


    The following sixteen wrestlers appear in the game. Their probable real-world equivalents are in parentheses.

    • Beauty Mutsuki (Cutie Suzuki)
    • Naomi Sonoda (Manami Toyota)
    • Kurumi Sudo (Megumi Kudo)
    • Masumi Suzaku (Mayumi Ozaki)
    • Mikako Ifukube (Takako Inoue)
    • Shoko Ifukube (Kyoko Inoue)
    • Asuka Nanto (Hokuto)
    • Kyoko Ueda (Etsuko Mita)
    • Nisaki Takigawa (Sakie Hasegawa)
    • Tokiyo Yamana (Toshiyo Yamada)
    • Mariko Oda (Yumiko Hotta)
    • Jun Rando (Shinobu Kandori)
    • Hell Takano (Bull Nakano)
    • Raja Tonga (Aja Kong)
    • Grenade Kanzaki (Kansai Dynamite)
    • Kurayami Haja (Beniyasha)

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