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    Starfall Online

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released 2018

    Starfall Online is a real-time wargame, that mixes intense tactical combat with in-depth spaceship customization. In Starfall Online players can assemble a unique fleet using a variety of blueprints, discover a big galaxy full of adventures, pirates and rivals, and battle against other commanders in quick and Ranked matches.

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    Starfall Online is a hardcore mix of RTS and Wargame genres, which features intense tactical fleet vs. fleet battles in quick or ranked matches. It also has an MMO part where you wiil find a wast explorable Galaxy with thousands of stars and planets, pirates, precious resourses, rival factions and clans.

    The game is being developed using Unreal Engine 4 for by independent Siberian company.


    Special Modules - Every vessel can be equipped with a module that grants a certain skill or utility - from stealth modules and ship or fleet warp jums, to cruel self-destruction modules, anti-missile systems and advanved sensor.

    Line of fire - Each weapon is located in the front, left or right side of the ship and, depending on location and some characteristics it will shoot only in appropriate directions. Besides, every object standing on the line of fire of most weapons will block it or take the whole damage instead of a target, even if it's a friendly unit. There is also an ability to move your unit out of the way of a projectile and dodge it.

    Ship collision - Ships can ram each other, dealing massive damage and even exploding. Explosions also deal some additional damage to surrounding units.

    Modules destruction - When a spaceship takes damage to its structure, there is a chance that one of its components may fail or be destroyed. The closer the component/ship section is to the point of impact, the higher the chance it will fail.

    In-depth customization - You can easily customize and outfit ships, adapting tactics for a variety of situations - the diverse range of tools directly influences your strategy against opponents and allows you to create truly unique fleets.

    Galaxy conquest - There is a big MMO part of the game, where you can travel accross the Galaxy, fend off pirates, battle rival factions, unite as a clan to take ownership of different sectors and do do some other activities.


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