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    Stargate Worlds

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    Stargate Worlds was to be an MMORPG based on the Stargate TV show. This MMORPG has since been canceled.

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    Stargate Worlds was an MMORPG being developed by Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment. The developer announced on March 25, 2010 that they had entered receivership and that game development had ceased. This announcement came after a closed beta in April 2009. The game's story and cannon was based off of the Stargate SG:1 TV series.


    The story will come right out of the shows. With over 10 seasons worth of canon and well over 200 episodes there will be plenty of places to visit and characters to join and talk to. Stargate Worlds has been said to take place during seasons 8 and 9. Each player would have his own story to do, probably based off the race you choose and archetype.



    Asgard can only choose the Asgard archetype. The Asgard are fairly small very intelligent beings. The Asgard are said to be responsible for the stories of Norse mythology on Earth and also happened to be a part of the Roswell conspiracy.


    A human can choose Soldier, Commando, Scientist and Archaeologist as their archetype. Humans are the race of people currently inhabiting the planet earth. They wield common day human weapons such as SMG's and Handguns.


    Jaffa as is stand can only play as a Jaffa archetype. The Jaffa are the elite soldiers of the Goa'uld army. They harness the Goa'uld staff weapon which fires an extremely powerful energy blast from the tip of the staff.


    The Goa'ild as is stand can only play the Goa'uld archetype. The Goa'uld are the enemies of earth. They are the creators of the pyramids in Egypt and all Egyptian history. The Goa'uld are a small snake-like creatures that choses a host to use as their vehicle to get around. While humans were not their original hosts (the Unas were), they almost exclusivly use them as such due to their availability and also for their asthetic value..


    Compared to those in other MMOs, the archetypes in Stargate Worlds are slightly different. There will be no specific healer class. Everyone has the ability to be a medic, although some archetypes will be better than others at healing and reviving others. Players will have the opportunity to test out many abilities as they start. Each archetype will have three specialization trees to mix and match skills from. Each archetype will have its own starting area. This starting area will also give the players a backstory that comes from the 10 seasons of Stargate SG1.


    The Archaeologist will specialize in ancient cultures and languages. This is the Daniel Jackson archetype which comes straight out of the TV show. They will be able to 'blend in with the locals' to gather intelligence or to ambush the enemy. The developers have also discussed the possibility for the ability to engage in diplomacy.

    Specialization Trees

    • Sociology
    • Anthropology
    • Archeology


    The Asgard are masters of technology and will have a strong science ability. They will be able to usedrones to attack, defend, heal, or analyze. This archetype will be a good support class. Asgards will have a special ability with which to call upon their advanced ship for an orbital strike. The drones are also in no way a pet. The player's Asgard and drone are one, so it will be incapacitated with player if/when it happens.


    The Commando is all about sneaking around the battlefield. They gain the ability of stealth and can use demolitions, and sniper rifles. By using these abilities they can disrupt, confuse, and neutralize enemies. Commandos also have technology to detect stealthed enemies, as well as deploy and detect traps.


    Goa'uld will be the most powerful archetype in the game. It's unknown if a player can reach the rank of a System Lord, butthe Goa'uld will gain much of their power from their servants. Players will be able to choose to make their Goa'uld utilize the science features in the game or make them more combat oriented.Minions will include Jaffa and possibly human servants. Goa'ulds also have access to poisons. They can also specialize in Ashrak technologies, such as phase cloaking, allowing them to become masters of stealthy attacks. As with the Asgard, it might be possible to call in their Ha'tak motherships to bombard the enemy as a special attack. As with the show, the Goa'uld itself is a symbiote. Therefore, players will have the option to transfer to another host (at a cost). This is purely for aesthetics, and will not be able to take over other players or the Unas race.

    The minions available to the Goa'uld will essentially be the pets of Stargate Worlds. As with other MMORPG's pets, some will excel at range combat or melee combat, and other pets can heal, buff, or do other things for their master.

    Specialization Trees

    • Battle Lord
      The Battle Lord focuses on combat skills and abilities that have a direct effect on the battlefield. Of the three Goa’uld paths, the Battle Lord has the widest access to weapons. The Battle Lord is the New Mind Goa’uld’s ultimate soldier, as intelligent and insightful in combat as he is powerful and shrewd.
    • Servant Lord
      The Servant Lord is the pet master Goa’uld. He is never seen without an entourage. This can range from his Lotar personal servant up to, at high levels, Kull warriors called on to take out the Goa’uld’s enemies. The Servant Lord’s abilities focus on controlling and enhancing the Goa’uld’s pets.
    • Ashrak
      The Ashrak is a master assassin. He is a trained killer who over time masters stealth, devastating melee attacks and deadly poisons. He is not as versatile in combat as the Battle Lord nor does he have the minions commanded by the Servant Lord, but when you need someone dead right now, no one gets the job done as efficiently as the Ashrak.


    The Jaffa will be powerful and strong fighters, just as with the show. Their staff weapons will be capable of ranged and melee combat. Jaffa are highly resistant to special attacks and can continue fighting even when injured. Free Jaffa are on Tretonin automatically and Loyal Jaffa have a symbiote.There will also be some differences in stats depending whether you are free or loyal.


    The scientist will be a scientist and engineer. Scientists can specialize in analyzing, repairing, and using technologies, as well as use new technologies to craft personal upgrades. In battle they'll be able to construct devices such as gun turrets, shields, and target inhibitors, and use healing and resurrection technology. Similar to the archaeologist, scientists will be able to solve technical problems.

    Specialization Trees

    • Support Technologies
      Ability Gravity Well: Acts as a trap for opponents.
    • Robotic Technologies
      Ability Turret Attack: Draw Fire: Fires in such a way as to draw fire allowing teammates to flank.
    • Medical Technologies
      Ability Hazardous EMP: Loads an EMP dart that disrupts mechanical opponents.


    The soldier will be a highly trained individual that will be able to use powerful weapons. Some weapons include grenades, automatic weapons, machine guns, mortars, and rocket launchers. They'll also be able to learn the use of alien weaponry, and team leadership.

    Specialization Trees

    • Command
      Limited use of healing technologies and skills to increase team performance
    • Automatic Weapons
      Increase a player's performance with each of these weapons classes
    • Heavy Weapons
      Increase a player's performance with each of these weapons classes


    Good Faction - Alliance

    • Stargate Union
      Stargate Union or SGU are the "light side" humans. It is unknown whether it is part of Stargate Command, a separate arm of the US military, or some sort of splinter group. It's likely that the starting location with be the "Alpha Site," and not the SGC.
    • Free Jaffa
    • Asgard

    Bad Faction - Praxis

    • OP-CORE
      Operation Covert Extraction and Reconnaissance, the dark side to humanity.Led by Colonel Carelton Marsh, they are made up of rogue military and "Other Governmental Agency" operatives (OGAs), including at least one NID agent. The starting location will be known as The Caslte. This SGC-run prison will likely see some sort of escape or uprising which establishes the OP-CORE faction when players start their character.
    • Fundamentalist Jaffa
    • New Mind
      The New Mind are the Goa'uld in Stargate Worlds. These Goa'uld are no longer posing as gods and will be more prone to do things themselves. They will also provide the first main story arc, as well as have their own homeworld and queen.


    In Stargate Worlds, guilds would have been known as commands. Leveling, command banks, and command specific crafting are possibilities for command activities. The command leader(s) would also be able to issue cooperative missions, though no missions for the commands would be available at launch. As the command moves forward in the game, it would have unlocked economic benefits, construction capabilities, technological abilities, and expansion capabilities.

    Leaders would be able to edit a calender. They could have also created up to eight different ranks for organization. Commands would also have had the option for a general chat, officers chat, and private chat. Since last reported, there would be a maximum of 200 characters (not players) for commands. There would also be an ability to create Alliances with other commands. If one's command doesn't have enough members for something, these alliances would have been able to work together.


    As with all other MMOs, there will be crafting in SGW. However, it's possible that it will involve a minigame, rather than the typical "mixing stew" system. As with show, players will be able to reverse engineer items. Players can take apart items from outside their race's tech tree to learn how they work. Then they will gain the knowledge of the technology used in that item. Deconstructing items will be another way to obtain crafting materials.

    Bio-Medical, Electronics, Materials and Power Systems will be the four crafting trees, and the Human, Goa'uld, and Asgard will be three of the four sources of technology. It's likely the Ancient/Alteran tech will be the fourth. Only by leveling up will players be able to get blueprints for, and create new things.

    As with the usual armor and weapons, players will also be able to make weapon enhancements. These could range from telescopic sights for guns or energy relays for staff weapons. Ammunition, medkits, and other consumables will also be craftable. Players can also boost their skills at mini-games by crafting certain items.


    TenTonHammer has released a three-part video series detailing their experiences with SGW at Comic Con. They were given a very detailed guided tour of the game by Dan Elggren(Studio Lead), Chris Klug(Creative Director), and Demitrius Comes(Technical Director) and were of course given a chance to play and ask questions. There is a truly massive amount of information and gameplay footage to be found in here on virtually all aspects of the game. Definitely not to be missed!

    Part 1: Tutorial & User Interface

    Part 2: A Mid-Level Instance

    Part 3: Playtest and Q&A Session


    Stargate Atlantis

    Stargate Atlantis will be the first expansion to be announced after the initial game is released. Atlantis and the Pegasus Galaxy present much additional content and could add 5 seasons worth of material along with the Wraith as a possible playable race. Spaceship and space flight is still an unknown but rumors point to this ability in Stargate Atlantis expansion.

    Studio Problems

    The game's Studio Head & Executive Producer Dan Elggren has left developer Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment . According to a family blog post made by his wife, Elggren joined recently revealed Gazillion Entertainment:

    The last 8-9 months have been really rough at Dan's work and we've been trying so hard to make it work. Over 100 employees have left since October, so Dan felt he was as loyal as he possibly could be considering that he was basically volunteering for work and not getting paid! It's such a shame, because the game he's been working on for over 3 years was within several months of being ready to ship! I've admired how hard Dan has fought for his coworkers and for this game. He had been interviewing all over the country when he found this job with Gazillion in Louisville, Colorado. A few of his former coworkers are there now, so that's been a fun connection. We decided that he'd take the job just over a week ago and he begins work there June 1st.

    Elggren, who was with the Stargate Worlds team from since when the project went public, is the latest to join the exodus of CME employees leaving the troubled studio since financial troubles were first reported late last year. Gazillion Entertainment couldn't offer any comment on the matter, and FireSky / CME promises an official response soon.

    According to the official Stargate Worlds site, "the production of Stargate Worlds has been significantly impacted by the greatest worldwide economic downturn in decades".

    Cancellation of Stargate Worlds

    As of Jan 17, 2011 going to the Stargate Worlds official site or forums gets you this message.

    As we indicated in our previous announcement, as of January 16, 2011, we are unfortunately no longer able to sell or operate Stargate Resistance. We are actively evaluating options for Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment, Inc. and its products, and will update you as soon as additional information is available. Thank you for your continued support.


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