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    A character in Mass Effect who presumably narrates the whole story to a child of his. He is voiced by Buzz Aldrin.

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    The stargazer is a grandfather that appears in a post-credits scene at the conclusion of Mass Effect 3. In this scene, he speaks to his grandson as though he has just finished telling him the events of the Mass Effect trilogy as a story. The grandson then asks him to tell one more story about "The Shepard," indicating that so much time has passed that Commander Shepard has become like a legend. The stargazer then acquiesces and begins one more story.

    The character is voiced by Buzz Aldrin, retired American astronaut and the second human to ever set foot on the moon.

    Reject Ending

    Should the player choose the "Reject" ending in the Extended Cut version of the game, the Stargazer is a different person entirely, due to humanity's destruction at the hands of the Reapers, and voiced by a woman. However, her role and dialogue with the child are almost identical, concluding one story about "The Shepard" before being convinced to begin another.


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