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    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released May 08, 2012

    Lightbox Interactive is developing this spiritual successor to Warhawk for the PS3, incorporating the character-driven RTS gameplay in a style similar to The Outfit.

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    Starhawk is a PS3 exclusive developed by Lightbox Interactive and published by Sony. It has been described as having the, "same essence as Warhawk, but [Starhawk] is also bigger and better." The game is being focused around a single player story-driven campaign in addition to a reworked multi-player as seen in Warhawk. Both modes will feature a "build and battle" RTS feature which allows players to drop, fight with and upgrade offensive and defensive structures.


    The gameplay's 3rd person camera angle is no longer like Warhawk as the camera is off-centered, and also features the ability to zoom in for a closer over-the-shoulder view for more accurate shooting as seen in Gears of War and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Another addition is the sprint feature.

    Build and Battle

    Featuring in both the single-player campaign and multi-player modes, the build and battle system is an answer to the time consuming management based RTS features that normally hamper action games. You must accumulate Rift Energy to build each unit of structure, this rift energy is collected upon kills of opponents. The structures can be accessed by a radial menu UI which allows the player to build fast, not distracting from the fight. Structures will destroy enemy mechs if they are built on top of them as the foundations are launched down from the sky. It should also be noted that building structures is possible in mid-air when flying a Hawk.


    StructureUpgradeAdditional Notes
    WallGateWalls and Gates will join together if built side by side
    Anti-air Laser Turret
    Hawk StationNo Hawk Station, no Hawks/mechs
    GarageNo Garage, no Jeeps
    BeaconAllows team-mates to spawn in the area using shuttles/pods
    Bubble Shield GeneratorCall down the bubble instead of using it as an ability of Warhawk's APC


    Like Warhawk, Starhawk's maximum is 32 players. The multi-player has been described as dependent on the play-style of each individual. Both offensive and defensive play is possible. You will play as the Rift Miners-aka Rifters-or the Outcasts. Factions will play identically to each other as they did in Warhawk. Features that have also been announced are game invites, voice chat, a party system and a calender (details of which haven't yet been stated)

    Another interesting change in the multiplayer is the spawn method, no longer will spawn camping be a major nuisance as Stawhawk has adopted the drop pod spawn method which are also found in the Section 8 games. This also gives players a low degree of control when falling, which is sometimes crucial for dropping behind or in the front line.


    Capture the Flag

    Team Deathmatch




    VehicleOn-board WeaponsAbilitiesAdditional Notes
    JeepMachine Gun turret on the back-Can carry three players at once
    HawkMachine Gun and missilesCan transform into a mech for ground combatCan use all pick-ups found in the air
    Jet Bike--Fast response vehicle, carries only one


    • Acid Sea - An area in one of many moons surrounding the planet in which the single-player campaign takes place. As the name implies, running in the acid is not a viable option.
    • Space Station - A map which has the outcast vs. the riftters fighting on two different sides in space. This map will be good for using the jetpacks and gaining an advantage on the enemy.


    • Machine Gun
    • Rocket Launcher (lock-on)
    • Assault Rifle
    • Pistol (Magnum)


    In Starhawk you play as Emmet Graves in an area of space known as The Fringe. Emmet is one of two brothers who are miners, exposed to the highly hazardous but invaluable "blue gold" rift energy resource that is being fought over by the two factions at war. These are the Rift Miners and the Outcasts, replacing the Eucadians and Chernovans from Warhawk.

    Emmet and his brother are former Rift Miners, they were infected after an assault by the Outcasts. Sydney Cutter provides radio tech-support and unlocks more powerful structures. Alternately you can find schematics on the ground.


    The Rift

    A lawless assembly of planets where Rifters have rushed to find their fortune or end. Here pockets of Rift energy exist hidden inside scattered moons and planets ready to be discovered. After generations of Rift mining, the Frontier has become a violent battle ground where Rifters and Outcast struggle for control over this rare and mysterious resource.


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