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Starhawk Review: Wild Space West 0

Starhawk, developed by LightBox as the spiritual successor of Warhawk, is a PS3 exclusive that does a lot of interesting things. I never played Warhawk and did stick to close to news or development of Starhawk so I did not now what exactly to expect from it beyond the beta gameplay. I was incredibly surprised to find that Starhawk is not only a solid game, but that it is an exceptional one thanks to the fundamental changes it makes to what has become the bog standard third person shooter. This m...

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Starhawk Review By: Andrew Bohnenberger 0

Starhawk ReviewBy: Andrew BohnenbergerStarhawk is a third person action game developed by Lightbox Interactive and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation 3. Starhawk has a main mechanic that sets it apart from your typical third person shooter, which is its Build and Battle RTS system. Does the Build and Battle system for Starhawk make it a unique enough experience to compete with the likes of other third person shooters on the market like Uncharted 3 and Gears ...

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Some good ideas but it's over in a blink 0

Pros:-Impressive visuals-Game runs at a constant high frame rate-Building structures adds a strategic element-Vehicles are fun-Combat is solid-Multiplayer is fun and features epic 32 player battlesCons:-Single player is weak, repetitve, and way too short-Multiplayer lacks contentStarhawk is a game that had the potential and the cool ideas, but failed to fulfill them. And while Starhawk is by no means a bad game, it still makes you wish that it's good elements had more depth to them. The result i...

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Best multiplayer experience I ever played 0

The game's online multiplayer feature is unfortunately now offline, but I remember it had a fantastic strategic element to its gameplay, every troop/building was very unique a necessary on the battleground, I believe this game did not live long enough due to IMO poor marketing. I really wish this genre (Third-Person Perspective shooter with RTS elements) will be revived soon maybe with a new title. ...

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