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Starshot was brought up in the military compound of "Killer Expo", the permanent space armament fair. He was genetically programmed to become a "Starcrusher", a soulless being, capable of using the power of his mind to change the course of comets and direct them at any target (particularly those they are told to aim at).

During his training, it became obvious that Starshot was not like the others. While his fellow recruits were happily destroying living targets, Starshot spent his time reading the only book trainees were allowed to read: "The Killer Expo Weapons Catalogue". To his superior it was clear that Starshot was abnormal. This had never happened before in the history of Killer Expo. So it had to be investigated immediately. The results of the enquiry were devestating. A computer virus had prevented Starshot's conscience from being totally wiped. Everyone was shocked. Starshot could not of course be considered suitable material for the elite body of Starcrushers. Killer Expo's generals considered him totally useless, so they decided to get rid of him as soon as possible, so that the reputation of the planet would be saved. Starcash, the Director of Space Circus, was visiting Killer Expo, and when he caught wind of this affair - he smelt money. Starshot would make an excellent performer in his circus.

Corruption from our own solar system had long since spread throughout the galaxies, and Starcash paid one of the Killer Expo's bosses to sell Starshot to him. Integrity was not exactly one of the key qualities among the Killer Expo elite and a deal was easily struck. And so our hero became a member of the great Space Circus family.


Starshot is a mischievous, energetic teenager, who cannot stay still for more than a minute. He is sometimes a danger to those around him, that is if they don't keep out of the way of the stars he's constantly juggling with. Starshot is not very talkative, but he is full of good intentions. This has helped him to lose his militaristic attributes and become a lovable star-juggler.

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