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    Stat Tracking

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    The recording of data related to player performance or progress in a game. This feature is commonly found in RPGs or competitive multiplayer games. It does not include statistics in sports games, unless related to player performance.

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    Some games track how many times players have been able to perform certain actions or reach certain outcomes from their actions. Frequently the stats tracking are those most directly relevant to success or failure within the game. For example, it is common for competitive multiplayer games such as online fighting games, shooters, sports games, or strategy games to track how many wins and losses players have achieved, and for shooters specifically it is common for them to track how many kills, deaths, and headshots the players have achieved. Many games that track wins and losses or kills and deaths also display the ratio between the two, referred to as the win/loss ratio and K/D ratio respectively. These ratios are often considered to be important measures of player skill or success in competitive game communities.

    Games may also track how close players are to achieving certain goals such as increasing a certain "skill level" or unlocking certain items. Typically, games that track stats include a screen or menu which displays the relevant data, although meters or counters displaying such data may also appear on or be added to the HUD. In single-player games players can usually only view their own stats, but in multiplayer games it is common for at least major stats to be publicly displayed, and such stats may even appear on websites external to the game.


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