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I am the very last one to ever quit on a game no matter what. Bugs, glitches, crashes thats all just part of PC gaming IMO. Now, i have been waiting for State of Decay to release out of beta, as i usually do with a majority of titles these days, but these simple inventory omissions down right have me infuriated to where i dont know if i want to continue. The 2 omissions:

1. Cant open inventory and give to other members.

2. you have to destroy items, no option to drop. {shaking head}

Of course, i know you can move anything into your stashes and then switch to a player and have them equip, but that is time consuming. My fear is when im on a mission and i have a member with a health kit or weapon i cant give it to them or me. It actually already has happened.

As i have stated i have overlooked some serious problems in games and continued but they rarely deal with the actual game mechanic or systems themselves. I like what State of Decay has shown so far, but if those omissions cause unnecessary failures i dont want to continue. I guess im hung up on world that is built around gathering resources so WHY would your option for inventory be to destroy, and not drop or share?

Should i continue, or is it a problem that will get worse as you get deeper into the game?

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That is a great point and something they should change. I have also wondered why they made it this way. I have not played for a while and am thinking about getting back into it soon. Hope they fix some of the problems but overall I am loving State of Decay.

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Yea, this game seemed really neat but the more I played the more frusterated I became with it. I really tried to stick with it but I just wasn't having fun.

Hopefully they're next project is a little more enjoyable and less of a stress machine as this became.

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Not being able to trade items to teammates is dumb and I think not being able to store items in random locations is a design choice on they're part, probably to enforce the influence mechanic in the game. They can't loot or carry rucksacks either, and it's a little annoying but the games really cool.

Aren't the AI partners invincible though? I've gone into large horde battles with special zombies and they just seem to tank the damage and keep going, occasionally falling to one knee and waiting for me to pick em up, but they don't seem to die.

Just use your AI buddies as tanks and distractions during large battles and long scavenging missions. Once you get the hang of running into a house, clearing out the zombies, looting everything you can carry then driving back to your base at full speed you should be able to overlook the inventory problems and limitations as you zip to and from a house 3 times to get a huge stack of food that you desperately need. I actually kind of get excited running supplies back and forth, trying to sneak past zombie horde's and occasionally cowering in a bush till they wander past.

My only major complaint is having missions constantly spawn at the farthest place away from me possible at the worst times. Running a bag of food home with low health and having the character become tired only to have the radio chime in and tell me a group of my friends are trapped on the other side of the map needing my assistance. Kind of exiting sometimes, but most of time its annoying and knowing I have to do it is worse, since they will die if I don't get down there asap and pull they're necks out of some zombies jaws.

The games really cool. The story seems a little light right now and I hope it picks up, so I'm going to keep playing and see what comes up. Keep at it! If the inventory stuff annoys you that much pull a Vinny and mod your inventory and encumbrance to ludicrous proportions!

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