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A perfect puzzle game that reminded me of Portal

I'll keep this short.

I bought this for 5 euro, its normally 20. I don't know what 20 euro means to you, but I would have paid 20 for this after I played it. I definitely think I got a great deal.

It's a series of puzzle levels with the player trying to solve puzzle boxes on their hands by moving sliders, clicking switches or moving the box around.

It's really excellent fun and, I found, just the correct amount of challenging. I am a programmer and play a lot of games so it seemed to be a straight forward logical puzzle solving game. I had some friends who are less programmer/game playing brained and they struggled to see what to do. Once you figure out how to solve the puzzle, the sense of achievement is great. Made me feel smart, after feeling frustrated, just like Portal.

I highly recommend this. I've had PSVR since launch and this is one of the best things on it. The game looks great, with no tracking issues (no motion controllers needed). I played on a PS4 Pro with a launch PSVR.

If Statik 2 was released I would buy it straight away.

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