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    A steak is a cut of meat, usually Beef. Beef steaks can be cooked in a variety of ways, using both dry and wet cooking methods.

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    Steak In Video Games

    Steak is a recipe available to be cooked in the game Cooking Mama World Kitchen for the Nintendo Wii. Chie Satonaka, a character from Persona 4, often expresses how much she loves steak and frequently orders it from the food court at her local mall. When meat is dropped as a generic item in videogames, it will invariably be represented as some form of steak; For example in 'Splosion Man, where any scientist killed turns into a pile of steaks, along with Omaha Steaks being referenced by one of the game's achievements.
    In Dead Rising eating a Well Done Steak will restore 6 blocks of life.

    Types Of Steak

    A steak is a slab of meat that has been cut perpendicular to muscle fibres to improve the "tenderness" of the meat. Steaks are usually grilled, though can also be fried in a pan. There are many different types of steak, each with it's own cooking style. Though Beef Steaks can technically be eaten raw, the amount of cooking required is subjective to the eater. Undercooked steaks are though to retain more flavour, whilst heavily cooked steaks are drier but are thought to be safer, as the cooking process removes any potential disease. The most common types of steak are: 

    • Raw - Uncooked steak is is used in specific recipes, such as steak tartare or Carpaccio.
    • Rare - A rare steak will be seared on the outside and have a cool, red center. Usually an internal temperature between 120 and 130 degrees F, or 50 to 55 degrees C.
    • Medium Rare - A medium rare steak will be well-browned on the exterior, with a warm, pink center. Hints of red are not uncommon. Usually an internal temperature between 130 and 135 degrees F, or 55 to 58 degrees C.
    • Medium- A medium steak should have a thick band of pink running through the center, and the outside should be a rich, brown color. Usually an internal temperature between 140 and 150 degrees F, or 60 to 65 degrees C.
    • Medium Well- A medium well steak will be thoroughly browned on the outsides, with just a bare hint of pink in the center. Usually an internal temperature between 155-165 degrees F, or 68 to 74 degrees C.
    • Well Done - A well done steak is cooked completely through, both internally and externally. There will be no traces of pink in the center, and the steak will feel stiff when poked. Usually an internal temperature of 170 degrees F (77 degrees C), or higher.    

    Steaks are usually eaten with "steak-knives" which are sharper than normal knives with a serrated blade in order to make cutting through the meat easier.



    Steaks are fabricated from four large cuts of beef, known as primals. They are as follows: 
    1. Chuck
    2. Rib
    3. Loin
    4. Round
    There are different types of steaks named from their location on the cow from which they were cut:


    • Chateaubriand Steak
    • Chuck Steak
    • Cube Steak
    • Filet Mignon
    • Flank Steak
    • Flat Iron Steak
    • Hanger Steak or (French) onglet
    • Popeye Steak
    • Rib eye Steak
    • Round Steak, rump steak, or (French) rumsteak
    • Sirloin Steak
    • Outside Skirt Steak
    • Inside skirt steak
    • Strip Steak
    • T-Bone Steak and Porterhouse
    • Tri-Tip steak/roast

    Several other foods are called "steak" without actually being steaks:

    • Salisbury Steak
    • Steak Tartare or tartar steak
    It is also possible to get chicken and fish steaks.

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