Couch Co-Op Games on Steam? (That Aren't Borderlands 2)

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I've been looking for a two player game I can co-op with my girlfriend and can't seem to settle on anything we both feel good about. I was thinking Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet would probably work well, but any recommendations would be welcome! Basically, we're looking for something we can both play, and equally (not asynchronous), in a co-operative format. Preferably with controllers?


EDIT: Nothing against Borderlands 2, by the way. We've just already played a lot of that and loved it.

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Castle Crashers, Renegade Ops, Dungeon Defenders, Magicka, Monaco, Rayman Origins/Legends The Cave, Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light, Sacred Citadel. That's about all I can think of on my steam library. My wife and I have had many hours of fun with these on the couch with controllers in hand :D

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Pretty much all of kipperminge's recommendations are great too. Monaco in particular was great fun in co-op

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I know it's not technically a couch co-op game but I've had a lot of fun playing Dark Souls in a couch co-op setting. When one person dies they hand the controller off to the next person. The person not playing can be looking stuff up or watching for hidden paths or loot, looking at enemy attack patterns for different strategies, ect.

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Serious Sam 3 is tons of fun in split-screen, Trine 1\2. And I'll second Renegade Ops, Guacamelee and Rayman Origins\Legends. Also apparently Painkiller Hell and Damnation has split-screen. Though not sure, haven't played it yet, but if it is at least somewhat like the original then go for it.

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Well, the Lego games are pretty great in co-op, also the new Rayman games. I'd say Magicka, but the spells are a bit annoying with a controller imo. Awesomenauts isn't co-op per-se, but you can do splitscreen and it's pretty fun.

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Native (Steam):

Game NameType of local multi-playerController SupportOS' SupportedNotes
A Virus Named TOMSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN60 extra co-op specific levels
Adventures of ShuggySingle-screenTRUEWIN
All Zombies Must Die!Single-screenTRUEWINAll players must have a controller.
Atom Zombie SmasherSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X
Audiosurf 2Split-screenTRUEWINOS X and Linux support coming. Versus
AwesomenautsSplit-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINVersus or cooperative
Beat HazardSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
BleedSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS XCo-op versions of all modes are available. Requires at least one controller - 2 keyboard/mouse will not work.
BroforceSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINGreenlit, not yet released on Steam
Castle CrashersSingle-screenTRUEWINAll players must have a controller.
CapsizedSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
Civilization IIIHot SeatFALSEWINRequires the Complete Edition.
Civilization IVHot SeatFALSEWIN/OS X
Civilization VHot SeatFALSEWIN/OS X
Cloudberry KingdomSingle-screenTRUEWIN
Cortex CommandSingle-screenFALSEWIN/OS X
Dead HordeSingle-screenTRUEWIN
DeathSpankSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X
DeathSpank: Thongs of VirtueSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X
DiRT 3Split-screenTRUEWINUses GFWL
DivekickSingle-screenTRUEWIN/Versus only
Dungeon DefendersSplit-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
Dungeon Siege IIISingle-screenFALSEWIN
DustforceSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINVersus. Linux support not available on Steam version
F1 2013Split-screenFALSEWINVersus
Family Guy: Back to the MultiverseSplit-screenTRUEWIN
Fist PuncherSingle-screenTRUEWIN
FlatOut 2Hot SeatTRUEWIN
Foul PlaySingle-screenTRUEWIN
GishSingle-screenFALSEWIN/OS XVersus
GRID 2Split-screenTRUEWINVersus
Guacamelee!Single-screenTRUEWINCo-op in single-player campaign. OS X and Linux support planned
HammerwatchSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
How to SurviveSingle-screenTRUEWIN
Insanely Twisted Shadow PlanetSingle-screenTRUEWINUses GFWL. Co-op campaign.
JamestownSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
Kane and Lynch: Dead MenSplit-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
Kung Fu StrikeSingle-screenTRUEWINVersus and cooperative modes.
Lara Croft and the Guardian of LightSplit screenTRUEWIN
Legend of DungeonSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINCo-op campaign
LEGO BatmanDynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Batman 2Dynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4Dynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Harry Potter Years 5-7Dynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Indiana Jones: The Original AdventuresDynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Indiana Jones 2: The Adventure ContinuesDynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Lord of the RingsDynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete SagaDynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
LEGO Star Wars III: The Clone WarsDynamic Single-screen/Split-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
Mercenary KingsSingle-screenTRUEWIN
MonacoSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X
Mortal Kombat Komplete EditionSingle-screenTRUEWINVersus
Nation RedSingle-screenTRUEWIN
Narco TerrorSingle-screenTRUEWIN
Painkiller: Hell and DamnationSplit-screenTRUEWIN
Paranautical ActivitySplit-screenFALSEWIN/OS XWill receive a co-op mode in an upcoming patch.
PixelJunk ShooterSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
Portal 2Split-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINCo-op-exclusive campaign
R.A.W. Realms of Ancient WarSingle-screenTRUEWIN
Rayman LegendsSingle-screenFALSEWIN
Rayman OriginsSingle-screenFALSEWIN
Really Big SkySingle-screenTRUEWIN
Renegade OpsSingle-screenTRUEWIN
Resident Evil 6Single-screenTRUEWIN
Rock of AgesSplit-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
Rocketbirds: Hardboiled ChickenSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINCo-op campaign
RocksmithSplit-screenFALSEWINGuitar controller. Versus.
Rocksmith 2014Split-screenFALSEWINGuitar controller. Versus.
Sacred CitadelSingle-screenTRUEWINCo-op story mode
Serious Sam Classic: The First EncounterSplit-screenFALSEWIN
Serious Sam Classic: The Second EncounterSplit-screenFALSEWIN
Serious Sam 2Split-screenFALSEWIN
Serious Sam 3: BFESplit-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
ShadowgroundsSingle-screenFALSEWIN/OS X
Shadowgrounds SurvivorSingle-screenFALSEWIN/OS X
ShankSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINCo-op campaign
Shank 2Single-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINArcade Mode only (co-op horde mode).
Sideway: New YorkSingle-screenTRUEWINCo-op campaign
Sonic & All-Stars RacingSplit screenTRUEWIN
Sonic & All-Stars Racing TransformedSplit screenTRUEWIN
Street Fighter X TekkenSingle-screenTRUEWINVersus. Uses GFWL.
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade EditionSingle-screenTRUEWIN
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the ShadowsSplit-screenTRUEWINAll players must have a controller.
The BaconingSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X
The CaveSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LINCo-op
The Chaos EngineSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
The King of Fighters XIIISingle-screenTRUEWIN
TidalisSplit-screenFALSEWIN/OS XVersus and co-op
Tom Clancy's HAWX 2Split-screenFALSEWIN
Trackmania 2: CanyonSplit-screenFALSEWIN
Trackmania 2: StadiumSplit-screenFALSEWIN
Trackmania 2: ValleySplit-screenFALSEWIN
Trials Evolution: Gold EditionSplit-screenTRUEWIN
TrineSingle-screenTRUEWIN/OS X
Trine 2Single-screenTRUEWIN/OS X/LIN
Worms ArmageddonHot SeatFALSEWIN
Worms Clan WarsHot SeatTRUEWIN
Worms RevolutionHot SeatTRUEWIN
Worms Ultimate MayhemHot SeatTRUEWIN
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May help

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Risk of Rain has 2 controllers couch co-op (thought for some stupid reason you have to use the mouse to navigate the menus before entering the game). Hell of a great bonding experience IMO! And it's pretty cheap IIRC.

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If you search for "local co-op" in the Steam store you will get a list of every game that supports local co-op. And once you've done that you can narrow it down by price, review scores, etc.

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Are there any games on Steam that support dual monitors so each person could have their own screen?
Playing with a monitor and a TV would be pretty neat.

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didn't know blands2 pc had local coop

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Spelunky is always good fun. If you're looking to destroy your relationship, I'd recommend Nidhogg or Samurai Gun.

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