Free Steam games, trading cards? and a little giveaway

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Hey guys!

I've recently found this interesting site, where you can get steam games, trading cards and more stuffs by playing achievement games, completing task/offers.

I've already ordered and got 9 TF2 trading cards, McPixel and Super Meat Boy. I've also ordered Counter Strike Complete, although i have to wait for around 24 hours to receive it.(i can post a capture of my orders if you want proof.)

Feel free to register here: [Link removed]

Disclaimer!!! The link above is a referral link, if you do not want to help me, then register at [link removed]

Now the giveaway part: I'm giving away a coupon for awesomenauts (66%), the winner will be the first one who messages me with the text: Awesomenauts.

Hope you have fun with the site! :D

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@theironic08: As much as you sound like a real person (desperate for referrals) instead of a poorly translated scam posted by some poor Chinese resident, I'm still not going to click on any of these links on principle.

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Please don't advertise on Giant Bomb. Thanks.

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