How is Steam Big Picture?

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I recently built a PC and for the time being I am using my tv in my room until I get a monitor. I remember hearing on the bombcast that it is sometimes unstable or would crash and just wondering if it is good or not.

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That was a while back, it's a lot more stable now. I haven't had issues with it with the times I used it recently.

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I hooked the PC up my TV right before christmas, and having spent alot of time with Big Picture mode i have yet to see it crash. So probably was just early bugs :)

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That's good to know. Thanks.

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I use it all the time, and have had no real issues with it. Works great with the XBox controller. The home button launches the Steam overlay in game. It has a filter for controller supported games when browsing your games. Some games that actually support controllers aren't tagged in Steam (e.g. Assassin's Creed). You can't do some "advanced features" of Steam in Big Picture like say adding a non-Steam game to your library or playing with most settings. But when you're pipping Steam to your TV on a secondary input, it's perfectly fine. I launch XBMC from Steam in Big Picture when I want to watch videos.

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