Insurgency Mod Crash

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#1 Posted by Worm (117 posts) -

I didn't know exactly where to post this but I find Steam forums the best place to post in-
Whenever I attempt to play Insurgency the same problem occurs, I connect a server, I pick a team, go to Armory, and right after I quit the armory screen, it crashes.
What's the problem?

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#2 Posted by Gunner (4398 posts) -

Sounds like an issue that would be fixed with a patch.. The mod is fairly new and it's open source so i wouldn't expect it to be perfect.

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#3 Posted by Jayge_ (10270 posts) -

That actually is an odd problem. The best thing I can recommend is to go to your Games list on steam, right click, and go to the official forums. Posting your topic there would probably be the best place to go (although I *did* create an Insurgency page last night).

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#4 Edited by Worm (117 posts) -

Edit: I said on this second post Insurgency but I meant Synergy, both crashed, anyhow thanks for helping me out with the insurgency problem, apparently the music in-game is the thing that makes it crash, I managed to play without music :)
However synergy still crashes, we'll see how to fix that. thanks a lot :D

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