Just rented a Rust servers GB people welcome.

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Just press F1 in game menu and enter this command net.connect

Make sure you dont leave spaces in front and come play with us. No cheating will be allowed, you will be banned unlike a lot of servers on rust now.

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I haven't been on Rust in quite some time, I keep meaning to hop in when I have time. Is the cheating still just as frequent even after that recent update they pushed out to catch certain hacks?

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@wolfgame: We found out the hard way that its really the admins allowing it. Even when players report hackers the admins would kick you for reporting the hackers. So that what made us buy our own server. And the aimbot crap i havent seen it yet or people flying we kick them fast if they do. But i could be because we are a new server as well.

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@pharaoh: How do they benefit from kicking the people who are trying to make the game better and reporting hackers? Or are these admins just server admins that don't have anything to do with the Rust development company?

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@carlos1408: It's their friends that they allow to hack. Recalled out a admin on atlanta server because people had 30 c4 after a server wide wipe. The admin said it was russian hackers then we found out these people were in his group. So we called him out on spawning c4 for his friends. Also we found out that the people teleporting into our houses and flying in the map was his friends was well. We told the other players and he banned like 20 of us. Then he banned some more for asking why we got banned lol.

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Huh. I have Rust, but haven't really played it much yet (mostly due to issues finding a server that stayed up so I didn't lose my progress).

I might swing by some time to check it out! :)

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