Missing achievements page?

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I was playing Saints Row: The Third last night and just finished cleaning up the Decker's territory minus collectibles. After going through all that trouble to do it, I was a bit perturbed that the achievements related to influencing all territories didn't unlock. I didn't sweat it too much as SR3 is fairly good about retroactively awarding achievements and I had a save literally right before I finished the territory. However, when I opened up the game tonight I found that all achievements I had unlocked were nowhere to be found. No, it's not that they show up as locked, it's that they don't show up at all. I literally cannot find the achievements page for Saints Row 3. I started looking at all my other games and noticed that the achievement page on every game but Darksiders II is also missing. I think it might have something to do with the game hub update, but it's really bugging me. I NEED MY STEAM CHIEVES!!!!

So anyone else unable to find the achievements page in the steam client?

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Greenlight is going to be the down fall of PC gaming.

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Naw, it's all good. Restarting steam brought them back.

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