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I was originally just checking out the daily deal on Steam, and then I saw this Paradox Complete Pack sale thing. It was apparently available for a 'low price'. I saw this low price, £74.99, it wasn't that low. But what really winded me was the price before the sale. A crossed out £563.53. That's A LOT of money for games.

So has anybody actually ever bought it at its original price or bought each of the 90 games individually?

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Mount and Blade Warband is all you really need from that pack, actually there are some other nice ones in there like magicka and penumbra, but imo buying the whole pack is not worth it, even on sale, because you'll end up not playing 70% of those games..

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@TEHMAXXORZ: Don't buy that pack, please.

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@c0l0nelp0c0rn1: I wasn't think of buying it, I was just stupefied at the pack's price.

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That higher amount would be the total if you were to buy all the games individually.

I'm pretty there just wasn't a Paradox Complete Pack prior to this sale. So that £563.53 you saw isn't some regular bundle price, it was just the raw price of buying all of those games individually. I'm guessing that because there isn't a regular price of the bundle, just the sale price.

For some publishers, there are ongoing packs that include all of their games on Steam. For example, there is a Valve Complete Pack that is $100 US for everything Valve has ever made, when buying them individually would be around $200. And during the summer and holiday sales, the price of that pack usually gets cut in half, down to $50 US. When that happens, the tally shows the unbundled price, the bundled price, and then the discounted bundled price, just to drive home how much money you're saving.

I recall other publishers doing this on Steam, but now that I look, they are not there. It looks like Valve is the only one who offers that year round, and the other publishers only have those bundles during the summer and holiday sales.

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