Rumor: Gemini Rue (finally) coming to Steam?

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take this with a grain of salt, since there hasnt been an announcement yet, but Gemini Rue has been added to the Steam registry, so there is a very good chance it will finally come out on Steam. For those that dont know, Gemini Rue is the amazing looking noir 2d point and click adventure that came out a few months ago, infamous amongst the indy / steam community for failing valve cert a few times for unknown reasons (which always baffled people since theres so much indy shit, and i mean actual shit, not just stuff, on Steam). But hopefully issues seem to have been resolved and the game will come out sooner or later. Again, take this with a grain of salt since there are cases of games being added to the registry and never coming out (FF7 lol) but it doesnt happen often, especially lately.

Edit: oh snap, Costume Quest also added to the registry, i would deffinately double dip on that since i never finished it on ps3, and i know a lot of people that have been wanting it on PC. Wonder if it has to do with the recent Psychonauts stuff on Steam (cloud support, mac release, etc). Good news all around today :)

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:o Damn I already bought it, but I still haven't played it. Also, I guess Costume Quest also means Stacking? Maybe? Hopefully...

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#3 Posted by cool_boy_mew (2 posts) -

I've heard that in another forum. I've been wondering, any site that keeps track of what's added in the Steam Registry? Would be handy to know what games might be coming soon

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