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Quick Noob question. I have an extra copy of Contraption Maker that was just put into my inventory when I bought the game. Is there a way to sell the extra copy on the steam market like in Dota or something like that?

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@cloudyimpulse: Nope, Steam doesn't allow selling "gift" copies of games to other Steam users. Even if Steam took a cut, that would still undermine all the deals Steam has with publishers. If a copy of a game is sold on Steam, Steam and the publisher get the revenue, not Steam and a random user.

So you can't directly get money or Steam Wallet funds, but you could possibly find somebody who wants Contraption Maker and is willing to give you the game's value except in Dota 2 keys or TF2 keys or something, which you could in turn trade to other people for like, other copies of games or TF2 hats or something.

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Thanks for the quick reply and the explanation. Much appreciated!

Lock it up folks, nothing else to see here.

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You can trade games with anyone though.

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You can also sell TF2 keys at the marketplace for Steam Wallet money at like 2 bucks a pop. I'm sure this applies to Dota 2 keys as well.

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