So what type of Wiki page will SteamOS and/or SteamBox have?

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Will it be a concept like Steam or a Platform like Linux? Will it be separate pages or are they considered the same thing? Probably better to wait until all surprises are revealed to make pages but still.

They have said that there will be "native" games for SteamOS and presumably Steambox or whatever they end up calling it. We have to attach those games to some kind of Wiki page right?

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I took "native" to just mean that it was running directly on the box rather than streamed from another computer, that doesn't necessarily mean it's different from a linux version of the game. As long as all the games that run on this can also run on mac/windows/linux, I don't really see it as a new platform, but just another way to play pc/mac/linux games.

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@catsakimbo: Yeah, I see what you mean. That sounds a bit like you described the Ouya though, kind of similar in that aspect.

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I'm sure people are already jumping the gun on making wiki entries, but I tend to agree that we should wait for everything to get announced in the next couple days so we know how all of this fits together. The wiki isn't a news publication; it doesn't need to get the "scoop" on the story the second it is announced, before we know many details.

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If steam lists SteamOS and Linux as two seperate operating system, it would be logical to make it a platform. But it is probably smart to hold out until more info is released

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